Torani Chocolate Milano Syrup, 750 ml

Made with the finest ingredients

Quick facts

  • Delicious refreshing taste
  • Served with hot or cold dinks
  • Inspired by European bittersweet chocolate, the profile is a rich dark chocolate flavor. The intense cocoa quality is reflected in its deep brown hue and rich aroma

Top reviews

Costs a little more, but well worth the price.

My wife and I received one of those little cappuccino machines many years ago. While most couples use it once or twice and then put it away in a closet somewhere, my wife is not one to give up that easy. She experimented until she finally perfected that little cup of magic we’re all in search of. She had tried all different types of coffee syrups, but always came back to torani. That was almost 15 years ago. We now have one of those thousand dollar plus machines, but my perfect little wife still gets up every morning and makes us that perfect little cappuccino with torani flavoring.
NydiaNorth Rose, NY