Torani Hazelnut Syrup, 750 ml

Made with the finest ingredients

Quick facts

  • Delicious refreshing taste
  • Served with hot or cold dinks
  • Perfectly replicates the rich bouquet and sweet, full flavor that make hazelnuts a culinary favorite.

Top reviews

European Flair from South San Francisco

Torani, the flavored syrup often presumed to originate from Italy, but actually manufactured in South San Francisco (“The industrial City”–their motto, not mine) makes many delicious flavors, and hazelnut is one of my favorites.

The hazelnut refers to any nuts from the species of the genus Corylus. While raw hazelnuts can have a bitter taste, their culinary uses are many, extending from common pralines and other candies (including “NUtella”) to the rarified confections of Europe, such as the justly famous Viennese hazelnut torte. Hazelnut is no stranger to the coffee house scene, and when mixed with vodka, hazelnut liqueurs (Frangelica, most famoulsy) enjoy widespread popularity , both straight and as a topping. Even hazelnut butter is making a stand in the United States and Europe.

ALl this is to say that adding hazelnut syrup to your coffee (especially) or perhaps to ice cream, can be vigorously defended against specious attack by foodies: It enjoys a widespread and international esteem. Torani’z hazelnut is a non-alcoholic sweetner whicih imparts discernable hazelnut flavor, and it can add a great deal of depth of flair to an otherwise ordinary coffee drink. It’s not as sweet or one-dimensional as the Vanilla flavor, although a higher ratio of hazelnut to sugar would certainly improve the experience. It’s relatively inexpensive, so that you can find your favorite flavors for various concoctions. A nice bright bottle, too, often left out for display purposes in the unpretensious bohemian café. There will be those black coffee drinkers, gloating over rejected poetry and stinking Galois, who will scorn the use of such a sweetener; it is perhaps best to leave then alone.

DevinWyaconda, MO

Great taste

I have never used a coffee syrup but love Starbucks and though why not see how close I can get to that wonderful taste,,,I used this Torani Hazelnut Syrup just a small amount in most of my different flavors coffee it is sweet so you don’t need any added sugar…Good price, shipping was high but would buy again, might try a different flavor…
AleshiaMilton, NH