Torcik Wedlowski – Chocolate Wafer Tart – 2 packages!

This delicate, hand decorated chocolate tart is a specialty of the Polish confectioner E. Wedel. Created by covering a praline wafer with dark chocolate and then hand decorating the top of the tart in chocolate with a flowery design and a signature of the maker. This beautiful and delicious chocolate covered wafer tart will be a center piece of the dessert platter and will also make an elegant gift. Net Weight: 8.8 oz each. 2 packages.

Quick facts

  • A specialty of the Polish confectioner E. Wedel
  • Praline wafer is covered with dark chocolate
  • Net Weight: 8.8 oz each.
  • 2 packages.

Top reviews

Great candy and quality plus

Torcik Wedlowski is a wondeful treat. First found it in Poland but until now I was unable to find on the net. Love the taste and recommend it for a something out of the ordinary. Rich, not too sweet and great looking. The shipping and handling is high for a small purchase, but probably worth it since going to Poland costs a lot more.
MelodiSeneca, OR

Chocolate Heaven

This product is outstanding. It’s a taste treat for the mouth. I’m a chocolate lover and this fits the bill exactly.
JaredJamestown, TN


I discovered Wedel chocolates on a trip to Poland and can’t get enough. The chocolate is perfect – rich and smooth but not too sweet. This torcik is a superb with a cup of tea, some strawberries on top, or even ice cream. Delicious.
LynneTrabuco Canyon, CA

could be the best

Apart from a hunk of quality dark chocolate, this could be the best dark chocolate treat I’ve ever had. Unfortunately, it’s made with one of the worst oils you can ingest, but so are many. Not too sweet, leaves you wanting more. Seriously good, and I’ve had plenty to compare.
PaulCulbertson, NE

great Graet GREAT

A Polish friend took it to me to Italy, where I live, and it made me HAPPY.
I would suggest to keep it some minutes in the fridge in summer time.
If I cannot buy it at any other place, I’ll buy it from Amazon US ! But 10000Km are not too much for such a delice.
GeorgieOttawa Lake, MI