Torn Ranch Pure Dark Chocolate Bar, 2-Ounce Bars

Our exclusive blend European style dark chocolate contains the finest ingredients available. The product is all natural and kosher dairy.

Quick facts

  • All Natural
  • Torn Ranch
  • Splendid Specialties
  • Chocolate bar
  • Kosher Diary

Top reviews

Great taste gourmet treat on a budget!

First off if you are looking for one of the super dark 70%+ chocolateThe bars this is NOT for you. The chocolate is dark, however not bitter at all and has a slightly sweet taste. The dark, rich, full chocolate flavor is apparent and is complimented well by the creamy texture and smooth taste in the mouth.

The dark chocolate bars are made in the USA in Novato, CA. Torn Ranch is a company that supplys high end treats mainly in the hospitality market. Might be difficult to find unless you fly first class or stay at a 5 star hotel. You can direct order online at Though if you do these are going to set you back $3 each plus taxand shipping with a 6 bar minimum. Amazon was 31 for 24 and no tax plus Prime as a shipping option. A GREAT deal.

Package was interesting. The 24 came in a large, ugly, cardboard box that had been directly sent by itself to amazon, Basically 24 loose bars in a Torn Ranch shipping box. So if you are looking at giving this whole as a gift the package will be lacking. They are individually packaged with each bar having a sealed plastic inner sleeve that is surrounded by a nice printed light cardboard outer box. The chocolate is sectinal – unlike the other review these are now three piece to a bar.

Very, very tastey treat that I will reorder once these 24 are gone. However, would not reccomend youy buy this as a gift to send (all 24 at once anyway) as the packaging for ther 24 is pretty rough and not eye pleasing.

KendallRound Lake, IL

The Best

Torn Ranch offers the absolute best chocolate/nut products on the market. USA-made means a lot. Good customer service. I am a huge fan of their Pure Dark offering, Jumbo Cashews and #1 for me is the Sea Salt Chocolate. A great gift item.
LouellaSuccess, MO

Great value!

I love dark chocolate and have tried and enjoyed many of the well known brands. I had never heard of Splendid Specialties before and there were no reviews here on Amazon to go by but I took a chance and ordered these and I’m glad I did. These dark chocolate bars are two ounces each. One half of the bar (a one ounce serving) is only one hundred and forty calories. The bars are thick and have a nice snap to them when you break them apart and the taste is rich, not too sweet, not bitter and very satisfying. Delicious chocolate and a great value since you get twenty-four bars for about $1.18 per bar. I’ll be buying these again!
FernandoGasport, NY