Trader Joe’s Creamy Unsalted Almond Butter, 16-ounce Jars

Ingrediants: Dry Roasted Almonds. Made on equipment shared with peanuts, tree nuts and soy. Oil separation occurs naturally. Trader Joe’s Almond Butter is creamy and rich, great as a spread for toast, muffins, bagels and other breakfast goodies. Or slather on celery sticks!

Quick facts

  • Made with Dry Roasted Almonds
  • Creamy Unsalted
  • 16 Ounce Jar
  • 100% Recyclable Container

Top reviews

Not worth it for the price (on Amazon)

If you’re buying in store for $5 it’s solid, but there are much better tasting almond butters on here that are cheaper, especially with subscribe and save. Better consistency and less stirring too. Trader Joes is constantly separated and quite thin to boot even in the fridge. It’s still thin in the fridge. Highly recommend Justin’s Almond Butter over Trader Joes any day of the week. I’ve tried most out there. Maranatha makes a nice one I’ve only found at Wegmans (forget the exact type as they have a few different ones), not to mention Costco sells a giant jar of Maranatha’s regular almond butter for about $10. Has to be a 24oz or so jar. Sunland tastes as good as the Trader Joes and is much cheaper on here. So if you can get it locally for $5-6, great. Otherwise, don’t waste your money.
ZadaCarbondale, KS

Delicious, healthy, and makes you feel good

And it’s $4.99 in the store. Sucks to not have a Trader Joe’s nearby.

I’m about to move from San Diego to Virginia…thought I’d see if this was available. Good as it is, ain’t paying 3x the price.

edit: Why is the system putting a comma at the end of the so-called title?

RichieCameron, MT

Requires some getting used to

I am a fierce lover of peanut butter….I’m talking straight out of the jar on a spoon. So when a coworker brought this in, I decided to give it a try. My first impression of it was that it was absolutely disgusting. Doesn’t taste a THING like peanut butter (obviously). The next day at work, I decided to give it another shot, and it was better. Day 3, one more chance, this time on a sandwich, and it’s actually pretty good. Nutritionally, the only difference between this & peanut butter is that this has zero sodium. Other than that, they’re pretty similar. I would definitely buy this. You just gotta give it a chance.
PuraLa Valle, WI