Tradition Tea, Fresh Green Tea, 20-Count Boxes

Delicious Tradition Green Tea powder has full of fresh green tea benefits, including great weight loss.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 20-count boxes (total of 120-ounce)
  • All-natural
  • Product of Taiwan

Top reviews

The best green tea in a bag I have found

This tea, in a silken bag, is high-quality, small, whole-leaf tea, and has a fragrant, fresh foliage taste. None of the off/fulsome taste in many senchas, and you can taste all the different elements of tea. Almost floral, even though no flowers are apparently added. The bag can be steeped twice, if desired. This tea is hard to find. Thanks, Amazon, for carrying it, even if sporadically.

From my earlier review:

Most bagged tea is almost by definition not of the best quality, because the little pile of tiny pieces, or even powder, protected only by porous paper and exposed to the air, has a large surface area and is quickly oxidized. The more subtle aromatics are gone in a day or two, once the seal on the box is broken.

These Tradition whole leaf teas are each sealed in an individual plastic packet and the leaves, although, not really “whole,” are much larger than most bagged tea and a beautifully preserved green leaf. The well-stuffed bags appear to be made of silk, no staples, hard to tear. One bag really can be used for more than one cup. And the taste and aroma is more fragrant than almost any green tea I’ve tried, including some pricey premium whole leaf teas. I love this tea. Their Oolong tea is pretty good, too, lower on the fermentation scale than many, but good. I’d avoid the jasmine green, as it’s fine, but the flowery fragrance of the straight green is enough for me — the jasmine seems like overkill, almost like perfume.

ReggiePocola, OK