Traditional Petit Fours 144 pcs – by Best Cookies

Our European style Petitfours baked to old world standards. The scrumptious bite-sized cakes are so elegant they look great on a holiday platter and make a lovely gift!

Quick facts

  • About 28 per lb
  • Kosher Dairy
  • 4.5lb 2/72 pcs

Top reviews


My entire family loved these petit fours. They didn’t last long here. We had a hard time keeping everyone out of them so they could last.
SusannaMalibu, CA

They taste OK, but they don’t look so good.

I just received these today. It’s a good thing that I ordered them for a casual family party, because there is no way that I would put these out for anything important.

They don’t taste bad, but they don’t look so good. About 75% of them are not fully covered with outside coating, and they are all different sizes. Some are 1 layer, some are 2 or 3, and some are 4. If I can figure out how to post pictures, I will.

All of the petit fours with white coating taste the same. All of the chocolate ones taste the same, too, but slightly different from the white ones.

JeanaShelley, ID