Trappey’s Red Devil Sauce Hot, 12 Ounce

When you pick from trappey’s line of pickled products, you’re selecting a brand with over 100 years of experience. Trappey’s is the pickled pepper expert.

Quick facts

  • Made from red cayenne peppers 800-1,200 Scoville units

Top reviews


When I see a bottle that says Red Devil I sort of expect it to be hot as hell (hahaha). But this is like Taco Bell’s mild hot sauce packets. I was in search of something suuuper hot. I’m embarrassed for this hot sauce, whoever designed the bottle and thought it would be cool to call it “Red Devil” should be demoted to company window washer.
HilmaHallsville, TX

Can’t live without it!!!

I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!!!!!! I tried this product about 20 years
ago and can’t live without it! I put it on everything, from eggs
to fruit. It’s the best stuff ever!
KentLecoma, MO

trappeys red devil is just right

this product is just right for those of us who like just a little kick…
JosefaLe Grand, IA


Use this as directed on the bottle to make the best hot wings. You will impress your friends.
BronwynLeesburg, TX

The best cayenne pepper sauce on the market … bar none!

I’ve tried a lot of cayenne pepper sauces over the years, and there are a lot of good ones. But, none of them are as good as this one … it is the BEST! It’s not so hot that it makes it difficult to taste the food that I’ve put it on (by “numbing” the taste buds as I call it). And it’s not so heavy on the vinegar taste either, as some others are. It is PERFECT!!! I’ve become very disappointed over the last several months to find that our local grocery stores have stopped stocking many of my favorite food items, and unfortunately, this sauce is one of the items they have discontinued selling. I’m so glad to see that is carrying it, because I was afraid I might be enjoying my last bottle of it right now!
TrevaLecompton, KS

Soooooooooo Gooooooooood!!!!!!

I was introduced to this sauce about 10 years ago by a friend who used it to dress her Buffalo Wings, now I won’t use anything else! Red Devil is less pungent than Tabasco Sauce and I think its secretly addicting, must be the cayenne peppers. Really the best hot pepper sauce out there.
BritneyShadyside, OH

great pepper sauce

I tried Trappey’ Red Devil sauce several years ago and it is by far my favorite. It isn’t very hot but it has a ton of flavor. I use it on eggs, sandwiches, popcorn, you name it. It’s a great product and I suggest trying it.
TishaGainesville, GA