Traverse Bay Fruit Co. Yogurt Covered Dried Cherries, 4-Pound Box

Premium dried red tart cherries covered with delicious, creamy yogurt. A great tasting treat! A delicious anytime snack; Top ice cream or frozen yogurt; Add to granola and trail mixes; Mix into hot and cold cereal; Fold into cookie dough, muffins and scones.

Quick facts

  • One 4-pound box
  • Tart dried red cherries coated in yogurt
  • No preservatives or sulfites; certified kosher
  • Eat as snack or add to granola and trail mix
  • Dried, coated with yogurt, and packed in Traverse City, MI

Top reviews

Even more delicious than I had hoped…

Yummm! We ordered the plain dried cherries and the chocolate covered dried cherries a while back and they were both delicious!

But these are so good! Upon opening these, they have an aroma reminiscent of white chocolate with maybe a faint hint of vanilla. They are soft and delicious, with just the right sweetness.

What a terrific healthy snack – Moms, I recommend them for your children!

JoanaOnward, IN

Excellent Product

We have purchased both the Traverse City dried cherries in plain as well as the yogurt-covered and find the quality to be the best of any similar offerings we’ve come across elsewhere in our travels. We highly recommend if you enjoy dried fruit. The cherries are actually quite moist yet in their dried state and not tough and chewy as much dried fruit turns out to be . . . .
YaelLawton, OK


This product is worth every cent spent. If you like cherries not sweet but tardy then this is the product for you.
I put them in my oatmeal while still hot and they plump up and taste so so good and they are healthy for you too.
When I have a sweet tooth I grab about a cup of these and I’m satisfied instead of eating something that is loaded with sugar and not healthy for you.
I also purchased their other dried fruit..cherries, cranberries and chocolate covered cherries. All are just yummy in the tummy!!!!
LucindaSealston, VA

Not a Cherry fan but with these I can’t tell I’m eating cherries

I ordered the dried cherries with no yogurt before Xmas and they were so good! Amazon was out of stock, so I ordered the yogurt covered dried cherries. These are much sweeter than the plain cherries and one eats them as if they are candy. Everybody loves them and are so surprised when I tell them that they are cherries! One cannot distinguish between these cherries and the dried cranberries. Recommend!
QuinnBowie, TX

I have to hid these from me!

I love these they make a good snack for me while doing my school work.I have to hide and dole these out a little at a time or I will eat too many of them. I take a small bag in my pocket when I am on campus and need a bite to eat. Two of my favorite things, dried cherries and yogurt. Yum!
EileenEast Leroy, MI

Yummy in the tummy

The Traverse Bay Dried Cherries are fantastic, but these yogurt-covered dried cherries are Nirvana! I bought many boxes of them to combine with simple dried cherries, chocolate-covered cherries and natural almonds for healthy half-pound holiday treat bags and they were a real crowd-pleaser. The only problem is that you can’t stop eating them! Please note, the seller doesn’t gift wrap so if you send the box to someone else, what you see is what they get. Not fancy, but absolutely delicious.
JoannaMillersburg, PA