Trebor Extra Strong Mints pack of 6 Rolls

Trebor started making extra strong mints in 1935. Today Trebor Extra Strong mints are the number one sweet brand in size. Trebor extra strong mints are a minty bit stronger.

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Best mints ever!

I fell in love with these mints while living in the UK this past summer. They are the perfect mix of sweet peppermintiness and blazing heat. They are like a candy cane on steroids. I particularly like how they clear out my sinuses. Seriously, I use them medicinally in conjunction with Olbus Oil so I can breath through my chronically stuffed-up nose. All this and minty fresh breath, too. Please, please Trebor folks–start selling these in the US!
EdmondSpruce Pine, AL

These are the best mints ever!!!!!

I have tried every mint, breath freshener made by man and absolutely nothing beats Trebor Mints for freshness!!!!! It’s just too bad that you cannot purchase them in the US
KarlEstherville, IA

Good mints, but

These are good mints for the price, but when they say “extra strong” I assume they really meant “extra strong”. I’ve had stronger mints than these, but I suppose they are good enough for me. If you really want strong mints you should look elsewhere.
OrphaDiaz, AR


My husband saw these online awhile ago, but thought they were too expensive (even though he had them in his youth). I had to order for a Christmas gift. He loves them, and says they remind him of a good times from his youth. He said they are just as good now as 40 years ago. I will definitely order these for him again.
ObduliaHebron, CT

my favorite

It’s hard to find these in the US but this reseller was able to ship them too me. They end up quite a bit expensive but I ration them out and then stock up when i go over. The makes a much cheaper alternative then “just poping over to get mints”. Anyway, these are better than Altoids!
LinetteSan Gregorio, CA