Tri-O-Plex Cookies, Double Chocolate Chip, 3 Ounce Package

18g Protein. Soft & moist. A delicious source of protein. 2 Per package.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve, 3 ounce package (total of 36 ounces)
  • Contains 18 grams of delicious source of protein
  • Soft and moist cookies

Top reviews

Not particularly good

Disabuse yourself of any notion that these taste anything like a “real” macadamian cookie. While the overall nutritional value is good, they taste a lot like packing or insulating materials. Were I starving they’d probably taste great but then again so would my shoes.
MaryjoPocahontas, IL

Not my favorite

These cookies are moist and are an excellent source of protein but they are not my favorite flavor. Too much chocolate taste and it is not that good a chocolate taste. I prefer the regular chocolate chip cookies.
BruceAda, MN

love them

I order this cookies 2 boxes at a time, great tasting, I eat one cookie everyday it is my little treat to myself and I get some protein as well.
BeckyHopkinton, IA

Not bad at all for a protein cookie…

You must, of course, take the whole “protein cookie” aspect into consideration when tasting these treats. They are soft and a bit dry, but with very satisfying chocolate chips to nibble on.

Texture-wise, I prefer ON’s Colossus Cookie (they are chewier and moister), but the ingredients list on Jay’s is far better and less scary. He is using a “real” cookie recipe with a bunch of protein powder added in. They taste good enough that I wonder if the stats are too good to be true…. but from what I’ve heard he has a good reputation amongst the bodybuilding crowd.

MishaSterling, MI


For a chocolate chip cookie, this is a tasty product. But for a source of protein at the same calorie count as a candy bar, this cookie tastes ridiculously good.
SanjuanitaBelle Valley, OH

It got good taste

I got White cc Mecamadia nut cookie. I dint expect this much,it is like a real cooike. Its a better protein suppliment as a snak. I like it i will prefer to get it again.
SerenaWells Bridge, NY

great high protein treat

Tastes almost too good, like a regular cookie. Soft, sweet. Hard not to eat two while dieting. One box had cookies stuck together. Best hi protein, low calorie treat I’ve found.
IvonneAurora, KS

Kind of surprising, but tastes better than cookies at a bakery

I have tried making this type of soft, chewy, delicious chocolate chip cookie with the same amount of protein with home made ingredients (butter, eggs, flour, soy protein, chocolates), but it can never come out this good. The chef that bakes this really knows what he’s doing. I don’t know how he’s able to pack so much protein and not alter the taste such that it tastes like a cookie at a bakery! It’s so good. I would rather eat this than buy some cookies at a bakery that’s loaded with trans fat from CRISCO and other hydrogenated oils.
BeaKanawha, IA

Nice change

I run a fitness center and one of the members introduced me to these 2 years ago when I was training for an all natural body building competition. I was SOLD! These are such a nice, tastey change from the typical protein bars I had tried. I am 4 weeks out from my 4th and last competition and these once again have been the one tastey snack that I can look forward to.
SalenaWinona Lake, IN

best cookies ever

Although a little expensive, they are one of the best cookies I’ve ever had.
CarrolMountain Rest, SC

Decent if they are microwaved.

Alright, I have always been a fan of these “cookies” as well as Titan’s brand of protein cookie. Recently they have changed their formula on the tri-o-plex cookie, adding 30 calories and giving the cookie the texture of very dry dirt. The only way I have found to make these cookies pleasurable to consume is to microwave then for about 15 or 20 seconds to soften them up. That being said, once you do the microwave trick, they are actually fairly decent.

The Titan brand protein cookie is actually moist straight out of the box with only 300 total calories for 2 cookies, aka 150 each. The Tri-o-plex cookies are now 171 calories a pop. Overall, these are a good source of protein and in a convenient package you can toss in your car on the way to the gym.

They are NOT energy bars, just protein bars and actually have a fairly small amount of non-alcohol type sugars, aka these aren’t going to give you the boost of energy and sugar you might need if you are wanting to juice up before a work out. I would consider these a decent protein / post workout cookie. If you need some energy, get a glass of grape juice and throw 2 scoops of grape Jack3d in it.
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AlejandroCedaredge, CO

Great tasting protein

Good taste! If you ever have a sweet tooth/chocolate craving, just grab one of these. At least you get something beneficial out of it.
IngeHanapepe, HI


These are ridiculously tasty. Good for a fitness junkie who has a ridiculously unhealthy diet who also wants to supplement his protein intake. Get these.
DedraMiddletown, IN


Chef Jay has created a great tasting protein cookie. I really enjoy them. They have just the right amount of protein taste and sweetness, unlike a lot of other protein bars i’ve tried. I don’t really feel like i’m eating something that’s healthy. It feels more like an indulgence. I’ve only tried the chocolate chip but I will eventually try the other flavors.
GregoryMarlboro, NJ

Falls short of expectations

I really like these high protein snacks. The cookies are tasty but the quality varies quite a bit. I’ve received 8 boxes now and I can safely say that no two boxes have been exactly the same. Most recently, I received a box that contained cookies with only 18g of protein per pack, and they were definitely harder than previous shipmints. Currently I get two boxes a month, basically one pack of cookies a day, but I will be going down to 1 and begin my hunt for something new and better.
DianShelbyville, IN

trioplex cookies

I think these protein cookies are very good.They are worth a try.I am on a high protein,low sugar,low carb diet and these fit the bill.
StephanLinn, WV


First time ever trying these, LOVED THEM! I did get tired of them after a few days, but when you alter between these and another meal replacement each day, they are fantastic! I would buy them again.
CleliaFennimore, WI

Great tasting protein cookies.

Now you can tell these taste different but they are really good. I was having a problem cutting back with eating diet along with my weight training and sprint workouts. Mainly due to my live in girlfriend that is a cookie monster. So she has all kinds of goodies laying around the house. When I got stressed, had a bad day, or just had a sweet tooth, I would dig in to her stuff. It really set me back. So I tried some of these.


Good tasting and effective. I am about to order another pack soon.

KamilahHeafford Junction, WI

Taste is OK

I purchased these cookies because I was looking for a cookie comparable to the NutriSystem cookies. The amount of protein and carbohydrates is comparable but the taste is not. These cookies taste OK, but not nearly as good as the nutrisystem chocolate chip cookies.
DotSan Ramon, CA

Satisfying and large chocolate chips – YUM

The size of these cookies are pretty big and satisfying. At about 10g of protein for a cookie, thats pretty good. It satisfies your sweet tooth. They are slightly dry and have a little bit of grittiness similar to oats, but dont let the word “grittiness” scare you. It actually does taste real close to a good chocolate chip cookie. Its also got a lot of real large chocolate chips that are delicious. I also want to try their brownies – those look delicious.

These are a great replacement for a snack, maybe instead of regular cookies or oreos. I usually only eat one of two in the package and feel satisfied. I dont feel like im sacrificing anything. I would recommend these. They are also all natural which is a plus. At vitamin shoppe they sell these things at $28/box. Amazon has the best deal (just make sure they dont melt in the mail and the expiration date hasnt passed which occasionally happens with food purchased from amazon.) With amazon’s great return policy, theres no harm in giving it a shot.

CarieCrows Landing, CA

Just as good as regular cookies

These cookies taste great and have a good balance of protein, carbs and fats. I only wish they came wrapped individually (instead of having two cookies per package) in order to preserve freshness when only one cookie is consumed at a time (two cookies contain too many calories to be used as a snack, even though they might be ok as a meal replacement).
HattieMitchell, IN


I had bought the Tri-O-Plex bars from the company when they were at the Arnold fitness Expo and loved them very much, so, when I saw the cookies here on Amazon, I thought I’d take a chance on them. They are absolutely delicious!! Granted, their calorie and sugar count are rather high, however, I use them as an after workout meal/snack replacement. Which made them fit into my daily plan very well.

So often those of us working on our bodies run into the “saw dust” bars and snacks. Which after a while just makes us lose interest in supplements and eating better. Especially that very needed after workout boost. Tro-O-Plex gets it!

…I hope they bring the cookies to the Expo this year!!

ShanellTuluksak, AK

If you gotta have a cookie, make it a protein cookie

Love these cookies! If you have a sweetooth and gotta have a cookie, this is the way to go. They don’t taste like a protein cookie, they taste like a real cookie, you’d almost think you were cheating 🙂
AngelitaSargent, GA


I am on a weight loss program but crave chocolate and these cookies are the highlight of my day. Soft, chocolaty and filling. They are high protein and have a fairly high cholesterol but they have helped me to keep to my program.

Well worth the fairly expensive price.

LouisCartersville, GA