Tri-Sum Original Style Potato Chips, 5.25-Ounce Bags

Tri-Sum’s Original Style Potato chips have been a signature New England product since 1908 and have a unique taste unmatched by any other potato chip on the market today. This product comes packed with 10 bags (5.25 oz. each) of our delicious and unique Tri-Sum Originals.

Quick facts

  • America’s First Potato Chip
  • A New England Favorite
  • Leominster, MA Product
  • Founded in 1908

Top reviews

Tri-Sum, again and again.

In the midst of boring over salted snacks, where a gallon of water is required for the ingestion of most potato chips, is the only chip worth taking a horse and buggy for. Tri-Sum potato chips have a unique, addicting and satisfying taste that nothing else compairs to.
I have been many places across this country and have never had the pleasure of tasting anything close to the delectable and crispy spud snack made just minutes away from my childhood home.
In a world of fads, tradition is found in the stranges places, and Tri-Sum potato chips are a Massachusetts tradition that will never die.
In fact, I still ship bags to friends all over the country at christmas time, by request because its an unforgettably delicious taste.
Tri-Sum are always my go to snack, and I suggest trying them with this warning attached, “If you Tri-Sum, all other chips are done!”
MaurineFabius, NY

You really should try some

What happens when a Massachusetts girl moves to Florida? She loves the sun but misses her all time favorite potato chip Tri-Sum. There are no others chips like these and now I can get them delivered.
MaryettaHarlem, GA

Our favorite potato chip

Tri-Sum chips are a favorite in my family. Perhaps it’s nostalgic for us because we grew up eating them, but they do have a wonderful flavor and texture. I would recommend them highly.
SuanneAvella, PA

Tri-Sum Potato Chips are a family favorite!

I’ve been eating Tri-Sum potato chips since the late 1960’s. They’re a huge part of our family snack time, BBQs and Picnics. They’re the most delicious potato chips with an irresistible crunch and texture. I love Tri-Sum Potato Chips!
HermilaPlainfield, WI