Trident White Cool Rush


Quick facts

  • Catalog Publishing Type – Food-Salt/Pepper
  • Compliance, Standards – Not Returnable
  • Coupon Cannon – 05-08-09
  • Flavor – Fresh Mint
  • Food Special Features – 12 Pieces of Gum per Pack

Top reviews

I did not get this item

I did not receive this item. I don’t know what happened, I did not get any explanation from the seller.
BurlLarkspur, CO

you’re kidding

You’re telling me that the original price of a 12-package carton of Trident Cool Rush gum is $949.00? And you’re selling it for less than $8.00? Get serious. You can buy a good used car for $949. This is about the falsest advertising I’ve ever seen. Trident Cool Rush is excellent gum, but it is not worth $949.
ZoniaWheeler, MS

all right by me !!!

Trident White makes a terrific “cool rush” flavored sugarless gum. The sugar free gum is healthier for your teeth; and the gum makes your breath fresh in an instant. The thin cardboard package is easy to carry because it is so small; and inside the thin cardboard package the pieces of gum are wrapped individually in tiny plastic pockets that are easy to open. The package states that the gum whitens teeth but I cannot comment on that. Always remember to brush your teeth–this gum isn’t a substitute for that!

A single piece of gum has absolutely no sugar; it has only a measly five calories–hooray! Trident White uses sorbitol and aspartame to sweeten the gum. There is no fat in this gum either.

Unfortunately, some people won’t be able to chew this gum because of certain ingredients that may disagree with them. This gum contains a milk derived ingredient; and it also contains phenylalanine. In addition, use this gum before any expiration date printed on the back of the thin cardboard container. Don’t chew stale gum!

Have further questions? No problem–the manufacturers give you both a toll free number and a website. The website goes into detail about how this gum helps to whiten your teeth.

Overall, this is a great gum that comes packaged in an easy to carry container. This gum makes your breath fresh; and it’s a very tasty gum that you won’t want to spit out after a mere five minutes. The twelve-pack is economical, too.

Highly recommended.

AugustusTualatin, OR

Trident Cool Rush gum Rocks!

I love this product. It is no longer sold in stores in my area which makes me sad as it is the only gum I really like to chew…. So glad someone still carries the product.
ArgentinaSoldotna, AK

Trident Cool Rush Gum

This is my favorite gum and I have to order via Amazon.Com because I can’t find it on store shelves.
YaekoEsbon, KS