Trilobite Replica

Trilobites were ancient sea creatures that roamed the oceans depths for more than 300 million years. This perfect 6 inch specimen is a wonderful example of the beauty that the ancient sea offers.

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  • The Look and Feel of Bone
  • 99% Anatomically Correct
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Top reviews

Dissapointing Detail and Durability

This is by far not worth the money I paid for it. I ordered it as a suprise for my daughter’s classroom. It is a plaster like cast with very little detail. It came late (ordered 10/18, recieved 11/5). It is damaged (chipped in one corner), dirty (covered with plaster-like dust), and will break the first time it is dropped or bumped. I probably could’ve used clay and some plaster to make a cast of simliar quality myself. Don’t waste your money!
AlisiaMico, TX