Tropical Traditions 6 packages Pastured Organic Raw Chicken Steaks for Cats – 7.2 lbs. Total

Tropical Traditions 6 packages Pastured Organic Raw Chicken Steaks for Cats – 7.2 lbs. Total Note: Shipping rates will be calculated during checkout based on the shipping location.

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Raw Food is The Best Diet For Cats

I initially tried a few brands of prepared raw cat food, including this one before eventually settling on making my own raw cat food. I started out with prepared raw foods because i thought it would be hard to make my own. I was wrong it’s not hard at all. My cats are now fully transitioned to raw food and they love it very much. But this food is a good choice to start if you simply want to give raw food a try. It is neat not, messy and you dont have to worry about measuring and mixing cat recipes.

All in all my cats never really ate this product unless i cooked it or mixed it with a commercial brand that they liked. But this says nothing about the product itself because cats are notoriously picky eaters and at the time they were also not happy about me switching their food and introducing them to raw food for the first time. My rating is based on the cost not the quality of the product.

I realize that this brand is pasturized, farm raised, organic chickens … and that probaby accounts for the price … if all of that is important to you then this product is a great choice for the price. But i personally find it too expensive to feed a cat this way long term.

I have since discovered that buying powdered cat food supplements plus raw ground meat at my local supermarket is a much cheaper alternative to buying the meat already prepared. Ground turkey in Kroger is $1.50 per pound and the supplements are an additional $3 (per pound of meat) compare that with this product which is 1.2lbs for $7.50 + s/h.

So that works out to a cost of $4.50 per pound for me to make my own cat food vs. ($7.50 + shipping) per pound to buy this prepared stuff. Also consider that buying 10 cans of 3.5oz premium canned cat food would cost $6.00

(1 lb of raw meat feeds my 2 adult male cats for 3-4 days, much cheaper than buying “premium” commercial brands of wet cat food which are laden with preservatives and have very little real meat in them)

NOTE: If you buy ground meat in the supermarket for your cat … you MUST get a powdered supplement for cats to mix in the meat because the ground meat found in supermarkets is meant for human consumption, so it doesnt have the vital bone and organ meat that a cat needs. Adding supplements provide the added nutrition a cat would get from organs and bone. (I was not able to find these supplements for making raw food in local pet stores i had to buy them online.) And mixing the supplements and meat for the cat is simple as pie!

My main reason for giving this product 3 stars is for the overall cost to feed a cat long term on this prepared organic stuff. I dont want people who are thinking about switching their cats to a raw food diet to be discouraged, since raw food is the best diet for a cat. I want to present options … as i showed above it can be done much more affordably using ground meat and powdered supplements. If you can afford to go organic, farm raised, etc., for your cat that is even better but not neccessary to improve the cats health.

Matter of fact if cost is that big an issue simply giving your cat properly supplemented raw food a few times per week instead of 100% dry food will drastically improve their health and save them from common cat ailments while not pinching the pocketbook.

Remember Cats are not vegetarians, Just like Lions and Tigers they are “obligate carnivores” … they need quality meat for optimal health.

VenessaBeaumont, TX

Organic Raw Cat Food

Tropical Traditions Organic Raw Chicken Steaks have excellent ingredients. Our animals loved them. There may be a tad too much coconut for cats (loosens stool just a little), and the price is steep. But the product is excellent.
DeboraHazelton, ID