Tropical Wild Honey, 32-Ounce Bottle

Tropical Wild Honey is produced by honeybees in Florida’s vast piney woods, subtropical forests, and in the mysterious Everglades, where honey plants grow in profusion, particularly gallberry (a holly), and saw palmetto. This acreage is not cultivated, fertilized or chemically sprayed. Tropical Wild Honey is warmed just enough to bottle, and is never cooked or filtered, insuring it retains natural pollen.

Quick facts

  • Tropical Wild Honeyis unfiltered and uncooked. Rich floral notes, great for baked goods
  • All natural;gluten and fat free;kosher
  • Convenient squeezable bottle
  • Product of Florida, USA

Top reviews

Not 32 Ounces

I am very uspset. This product is labeled 32oz. i specifically bought this in 32 oz because my recipe called for 24 ounces and i wanted to have a little extra. I was using the honey to brine a turkey for thanksgiving which called for 24 ounces…AND its not even 21 ounces! very upset…I didnt even have enough for my turkey!!! NOT HAPPY!!!
SaundraWorthville, KY

Excellent honey, honey.

This stuff is the bomb! I think I like it better than the orange blossom honey…its close, but both are superior in quality and taste. it shipped on time, and the shipping cost was reasonable. Thanks amazon, you rock!
NancieMachias, NY

Great honey at a great price

The first time I ordered the cap was broken and leaked. I have since purchased this honey 3 times and have no issues with the packaging. This honey is the best honey I’ve had since growing up on my fathers bee farm.
RonMontalba, TX

Wild Honey

This really is unfiltered honey made from wildflowers, so if you have allergies expect a reaction, at least initially. If you are planning to visit Central Florida on vacation this is a good buy to prep your immune system against the local flora. The flavor is a little stronger than single cultivar honeys, so you don’t need as much to flavor your food and drink with. I detect more than a hint of honeysuckle in there. It’s tasty, and the price is right.
LeighannKit Carson, CO

Good stuff

This met all my expectations for honey. Plus the price is right! But I am the only one in my house that uses it. It has been a good experience for me. Richard
LubaPotter, WI

good taste

I highly recommend this honey. It is much better taste compare to other store bought. Tropic Bee Tupelo Honey, 16-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 3)
CamillaHarwood, TX

Tasty but has a strong flavor

This is a tasty honey. It is thick and delicious. However, it does have a bit of a strong flavor. It is wild so that is to be expected. Comes in a 32 oz bottle and I ordered it via Subscribe and Save so I could get it on a regular basis. Pricing is a bit expensive for honey, but it’s not outrageous. The cap broke on my first order immediately but still closed properly so that did not bother me.
ShizukoHurdland, MO