True Lemon Bulk Pack, 500 Count

Love lemon in your water but don’t love fresh lemon’s inconvenience? Well then True Lemon is for you! Made from a patented process that cold-presses and crystallizes the lemon oils and juices, True Lemon delivers consistent fresh-squeezed lemon taste in a convenient packet. Add True Lemon to your water and you’ll swear you just squeezed a lemon wedge into your water. But don’t stop there! True Lemon is great in hot/iced teas, drinks and beverages. You can also use True Lemon for your cooking, baking and seasoning applications. Sprinkle True Lemon on food instead of salt. Because of True Lemon’s great taste and convenience, you’ll find you’re reaching for True Lemon all the time!

Quick facts

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No preservatives
  • 100% of your daily vitamin C
  • True Lemon keeps you true
  • Made from lemons
  • 100% natural ingredients with no artificial sweeteners, colors, sodium or preservatives
  • Each packet delivers the refreshing, fresh-squeezed taste of a lemon wedge
  • Unsweetened with 0 calories, 0g carbs, 0g sugars & 25% of an adult’s daily Vitamin C requirements
  • Great for water, sodas, drinks as well as recipes and seasoning

Top reviews

This is decent, but almost a placebo effect

The problem here is that the lemon packets just are not strong at all!!! While I love the concept, I have to pour at least two to three packets in the water to get some sort of kick. I think I will stick to buying either lemons or a bottle of lemon juice from here on out…as that is much more potent and tasty!!!
PearlieAlexander, KS

Fantastic Lemon Powder

Delicious added to water, recipes, desserts. It is really convenient in the dried form so that I can have it on hand any time I need a lemon.
SamuelPicture Rocks, PA

True Lemon crystallized lemon packets

Have been using these for a while now. They’re ideal in lieu of a fresh lemon to make water more interesting, or to sprinkle on fish. On a normal day, I use 3-5 packets. A great product that’s gotten a bit expensive with it’s “new” tube packet packaging. A great way to save for heavy users like me is the 500 count box in the “old” flat packaging. As long as they’re not exposed to humidity, they’re great. No sugar, no calories, no nothing – just great flavor.
StefaniWittman, MD


I love the true lemon packets. I love lemon with my water and now I dont need to try and fit a lemon in my waterbottle, I can just dump the packet in! Amazing!
RethaAlapaha, GA

Great lemon source

Use these at work with my tea – perfect lemon flavor. My local grocery store doesn’t stock it any more, so glad to get it here.
MajorieOrchard Hill, GA

Astounding true lemon taste

I don’t use lemon that often, and any attempts to buy a bag of the “real” stuff ends up with moldy and forgotten citrus at the bottom of my bin. However, I do occasionally need it, so when I saw this product I was ecstatic.

The first time I used it, a few years ago, the taste was wonderful but there was an issue with clumping. While I appreciated that they wanted to keep it as natural as possible, most of the packets contained a wet little mass that I had to peel away from the packet. Messy and not convenient. I contacted the company and learned this was something they were working to correct.

I tried again some time later, and the results are everything I wanted. Pure lemon taste (unlike those nasty concentrated bottles of so-called lemon juice you find in the produce department) with nice free flowing crystals. Bear in mind that one packet equals out to a teaspoon of lemon juice, so this isn’t something I’d recommend getting if you are looking to make a pitcher of lemonade. However, if you’re like me and like the occasional hint of lemon in a glass of water or a bit of lemon in your tea, it’s fantastic.

Just how lemony is this lemon? Well, the other day a friend brought over some huge raw oysters. Personally, my favorite way to eat them is with just a dash of lemon juice. I had no lemon juice but got the idea in my head to open a couple of packets and mix with a couple tablespoons of water. My friend took a sip and was shocked because it tasted like we’d just squeezed some fresh lemons. We downed all the oysters with nothing but the True Lemon and didn’t even reach for the hot sauce. Fantastic product.

Other favorite uses: Sprinkle on cubed steak and serve with avocado salsa. Place sliced apples in a ziplock bag, add one packet of True Lemon and one packet of stevia (or any other sweetener)…keeps the apples from browning and adds a bright hint-of-lemon taste. Sprinkle on fish right before serving. Great on a cream cheese bagel with a little dash of powdered sugar. Great for when you want to add the taste of lemon but perhaps not the water content of lemon juice.

MackYamhill, OR

Love Drinking Water

A friend of mine gave me a few packets to try and I loved the taste! No additives, the real lemon deal, and I sprinkle half a pkt. into my glass of water and it is so refreshing. We bought the 500 box and split it… super cheap compared to the local grocery store!
ShawnLenox, AL

Lemonade Taste

If you like a slight lemonade tast to your beverage you will love this. Bought it out of curiosity and was pleasantly surprised. I recommend this product!
NumbersMarion, TX

love it

love the True Lemon. Two packets makes a big glass of lemonade for my taste. Just to mention – those 500 packets are just in a box, not packaged neatly. I’m not going to count to see if there are actually 500 there, though.
ElnaPerrysville, IN

True lemon…true value….

I go through these like crazy…it’s great not just for sweet tea, but cooked fish, shrimp adding to recipes . My kid puts it on French fries (don’t ask – weird eater) but my point is it has alot of uses.
MinnieJumping Branch, WV


I love this product. I have not seen it in stores, so I will continue to order. Anyone who likes lemons should try this product. It is fast and easy and not messy like a lemon can be.
ArnoldHooker, OK

Portable Refreshment

My favorite use of True Lemon is flavoring plain drinking water.I carry the paks around with individual paks of sugar substitute to quickly create ‘portable refreshemnt’. I’ve also used it in the place of fresh lemon juice in recipes.
AudreaViburnum, MO

REAL TASTY< you have to try this

I just love this product! My BFF is lemon allergic and can’t be around the zest. I just love lemon in my water and came up with your product. it is so tasty and easy to use. Thanks for sharing you product with the public. The big 500 count are the ones I buy, great value.It is easy to take along where ever you go!
LibertySteuben, WI

Makes plain water bearable

I hate the taste of plain water, but I know that drinking other stuff is not as healthy as water. Some of the other powdered drink mixes on the market have strange chemicals and even stain my water bottles! I like TrueLemon because it adds just enough flavor to make the water drinkable. The little packets are so convenient… I always keep a handful of them in my purse. They work great in tea as well (iced or hot). I saw a suggestion to sprinkle TrueLemon on top of popcorn instead of salt. I haven’t tried this idea yet, but it’s intriguing.
GeorgiaFlemington, MO

Great Alternative to Using A Real Lemon

I first had True Lemon in a local eatery and found that I liked it. As I always use real lemons in my water and they seem to go bad before I use them all, I thought this would be a great substitute for the real thing. I ordered it, and I am using it every day in my water. The flavor is so close to real that I can hardly believe it. I do like True Lemon a great deal.
SenaRodney, IA

awesome product

I love tea with lemon so I always travel with a bottle of lemon juice and now I have these packets and love the taste they give my tea and other drinks. I have been buying them now for at least a year can’t seem to live without them nor do I ever leave home without them.
GaylePine Knot, KY

Anti E-coli

Love these packets of Lemon! Don’t have to worry about cleanliness of lemons that I put in my tea – hot or cold. Great for water too! Great marketing idea.
MarleneBullhead City, AZ

Tastes like fresh lemons!

I’ve always loved the taste of lemon in my water but it’s not always available. I can have lemon water anywhere and anytime with these portable little packets. I’m glad I found these and will likely be using them for life!
AlleneOcean View, HI

–Works well also in carbonated water as well ! !

Truely a cost effective measure to keep on using these in averything one has to do. By using one serving in a liter of carbonated water along with a squirt or two of Snappy Snow Cone Syrup 1 Gallon – Root Beer or opening up four (4) servings in a 2-quart piture which can than be used to filling up all your ice trays Tovolo KING Cube Ice Trays, Blue there’s no telling what other projects these can be used in.
YoulandaCarmichaels, PA

Love this stuff

I work at a hospital and our cafeteria carried these little packets to flavor water. I found the same true lemon in small boxes at the local Wal Mart. I think it came in boxes of 12 or so for over three dollars a box. I really like lemon and carry a few packets with me all the time. If you like a refreshing drink without sugar this is great stuff.
JacquelinePinehurst, GA

True Lemon

I bought this for my husband to use in his tea and he really likes the product because it does not add sweetness just the lemon flavor. Would definitely purchase again.
CandidaBrooks, MN

Love True Lemon

My husband and I both love the taste of True Lemon. We use it in our ice tea on a daily basis. It tastes as if you just squeezed a fresh lemon in your glass and it is so much more convenient. We haven’t had time to use it in other ways but understand it is excellent to use in lemony desserts from lemon pudding to lemon pie.
MonetCheraw, CO

Quality, all natural, love bulk!

True Lemon is an amazing product. All natural, tastes great, 0 calories, 0 sugars. If you want a great lemon flavor added to drinks, cooking etcetera, True Lemon is a fantastic option.
SachaSilverton, OR

Great Product

This is a great product at a great value. I love the taste of these packets and add them to my water often. These have really helped my stop drinking soda and is much cheaper.
GenevieNew Hudson, MI

True lemon is the best

True lemon is the only additive to water or tea that tastes like the real thing. I truly recommend this product.
ShaylaNarragansett, RI

Surprisingly good and authentic tasing

My wife (a real lemon lover) and I are very happy with this. It is the closest thing to real lemon juice that I’ve ever had. It has none of the off taste of concentrated lemon juice. In my iced tea or in plain water I cannot tell that it’s not from a real lemon. I’ve never done an side-by test taste and would not be surprised if I could tell the difference then, but just using it as I do I don’t notice any difference.
CarieMedora, IL