True Lemon Lemonade Drink Mix, 10-count

All-natural, low-calorie lemonade mix

Quick facts

  • 5 calories
  • No preservatives, sodium or gluten
  • Fresh-squeezed lemon taste

Top reviews

Bitter, empty taste

I was expecting this to taste like a weak version of what I make with my juicer. I was incredibly wrong. It has a very empty, dull taste to it while being fairly bitter (NOT sour!). It’s extremely unpleasant, and now I have lots of this stuff I likely wont drink.

I understand taste is a very subjective topic, and I’m sure there are people who might enjoy this. However, it tastes absolutely nothing like other drink mixes and absolutely nothing like lemonade you’d make yourself (from real lemons). Keep that in mind if you’re looking for a more natural alternative to common drink mixes (as I was); this is not the answer.

CarisaPalmyra, IN

Can you say “Yum”?

Convenient, easy to carry along in my purse and the taste is really good. I keep a few boxes at work in my desk and some at home. Now if it can only go on auto-ship so I don’t run out….
LeighannJenera, OH

True Lemon Lemonade

Ok, so I have to say that I did not enjoy the True Lemon Lemonade nearly as much as I enjoyed the True Lemon Raspberry Lemonade. It didn’t have nearly as much flavor, and the flavor it did have wasn’t much like lemonade to me. But the ingredients were still pretty good, and that’s really what makes this brand stand out from the others.

True Lemon products boast that they have 100% natural ingredients. And its true, they do. They use stevia instead of artificial sweeteners and actual lemon oil and juice for the flavoring. This makes me think at least that what I’m drinking is healthy. There’s even some turmeric for color in here and that’s actually a beneficial spice. So all in all, a good product on the market. A lot healthier than some of the other drink additives out there.

The taste, not as good in this one. Its not terrible, like some of the water additives I’ve tried, but it tastes extremely weak. That and the pale yellow color the water turns it just isn’t appetizing. Its still got a sweet taste, but the tanginess of the lemon isn’t really there and it more just tastes like sugar water. I would say their estimate on the amount of flavoring per water ratio may be off and perhaps two packets would be a better choice for the water. It may be something I have to try.

I probably won’t buy this particular flavor from True Lemon again, but it won’t stop me from trying some of their other products. And I will definitely get their Raspberry Lemonade again. I just hope that maybe they improve this one or keep adding new products to their line up. It sure does help when that soda craving kicks in and I can have one of these instead.

Review by M. Reynard 2012

StevenShade Gap, PA

A Great Alternative

First things first: if you’ve been drinking powdered drink mixes flavored with aspartame or similar chemicals, True Lemonade will probably take a bit of getting used to. These days, everything is ridiculously over-sweetened, and our taste buds have become accustomed to it. Now that I’ve been drinking True Lemonade for years, I don’t know how I ever drank the other stuff. It’s all sickeningly sweet.

True Lemonade is milder but perfectly palatable. It won’t replace fresh-squeezed lemonade or anything of that sort, but when it comes to naturally flavored, low calorie drink mixes, it’s the best game in town. I can’t stand plain water, and this jazzes it up very nicely. The flavor isn’t watery or over-sweetened (and I actually use the packets meant for 16 oz in my 25 oz water bottle, so I get a much milder flavor than most people do).

My only complaints might not apply to everyone, since they have to do with the packaging. I wish True Lemon offered a container of just powder, sans the packets, since I don’t use it on the go, and the packets just create extra waste. I also recommend ordering from Amazon, because the official True Lemon store likes to send outrageous amounts of plastic packing peanuts along with the order, which shows a real lack of environmental awareness. Amazon’s packaging is much less wasteful.

EladiaShipman, VA


I just love this product. It is the only way I will drink a bottle of water. Simple to use-you can take it with you anywhere to flavor up that dull bottle of water. Great deal for the money too.
JamaNorth Chatham, MA

Weak lemonade, but low calorie

Lemonade is a summer staple: Tasty, cold, refreshing … and made with LOTS of sugar. This product is sweetened with Stevia, a natural but low calorie sweetener which to me, tastes a bit like saccharine, including the aftertaste.

When you mix this powder with 16 ounces of cold water, you are not going to mistake the result for actual lemonade. It is much weaker, and has the stevia flavor. However, its not bad either, and the calorie savings makes it a serious alternative when you have a lemonade craving. We find that if we add a few drops of RealLemon juice to the mixture, it blunts the stevia taste somewhat. We’ll be drinking a lot of this throughout the summer.

ClarineKenney, TX


So tasty and delicious, a must have in my pantry. Easy on the teeth and bladder for those who need that information and super tasty. I drink it all the time. Yum!
LeannaBeeson, WV


I love lemonade but this product does not taste good. I noticed a bad aftertaste. My husband and kids did not like the True Lemon lemonade either. I do like the lemon juice packets.
ThelmaLadora, IA

excellent lemonade

I can’t get this at my local grocery store anymore, so lucky for me Amazon has it. It is made with truvia or stevia, the only natural, no calorie sweetner.
CarrollWichita Falls, TX