TruffleHunter White Truffle Oil

Designed for use in gourmet kitchens, our White Truffle Oil is made with the finest Italian White Truffles & Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Expect complex earthy aromas with powerful White Truffle flavors.

Quick facts

  • TruffleHunter’s own recipe – the finest truffle oils in the world
  • Powerful White Truffle flavors
  • Each bottle contains White Truffle shavings
  • Long shelf life – up to 2 years
  • Soft & complex – designed for use in gourmet kitchens

Top reviews

This is the BEST truffle oil.

As truffle lovers, we took a truffle hunting trip with Truffle Hunters, the makers of this oil. We returned with several bottles of their truffle oil and I can say that this is the best truffle oil on the market. You can tell it is authentic, not flavored with artificial, chemical flavors, because you can see actual truffle shavings in each bottle. We’re so pleased to know that we’ll be able to replenish our supply on Amazon, rather than having to contact the company in the UK. Now if only they would also sell their wonderful truffles on Amazon!!
JimLancaster, KS

Good product, good value

This truffle oil was a great value. I was looking at other oils that were $10-$20 more, and often those were just chemical knock-offs. While I can’t say I’m enough of a truffle connoisseur to be an expert, this stuff tasted pretty great and had flakes of real truffle in it.

Honestly, can’t go wrong here. Good amount of product, good price, good taste.

GeorgeVolin, SD

Fantastic Truffle Oil condiment to have in your pantry

I was introduced to truffle oil on a trip to Italy about 10 years ago. Since then I have been looking for an online source from which I could easily replenish my supply. I use it dabbled on top of pizza, in pasta sauces, in risotto and other dishes. This oil is made by infusing extra virgin olive oil with white truffles, then filtered. The ingredients on the label are listed as:

Extra virgin olive oil, olive oil, white truffles (0.2%), white truffle flavour

This bottle also has a “best before:” date stamp on it. I ordered mine in Aug 2012. The date stamp said best by December 2013.

GabrielElbing, KS

Truffle oil gift

Truffle oil arrived before estimated delivery date, in 1 day. I’ve not bought truffle oil before so I’ve nothing else to compare to but good product for price. Thought there was contamination in the bottle then realized it’s a tiny piece of truffle!
EdwinaMunday, WV


Smells great,tastes wonderful. Full of flavor a few drops go a long way. I will get this again for sure.
I recommend that you try it.
FideliaNeillsville, WI

White Truffle Oil

Ordered this to make truffle mac & cheese, had some at a restaurant in Houston it was so good had to order some to go. Have not made mac & cheese yet but have put it in twice baked potatoes and they were good believe me it only take a little. Great buy for me, much cheaper on Amazon. Will let you know how the mac & cheese comes out found a recipe on line that I am going to try.
AubreyPerryville, KY

Tasty and Strong!

This truffle oil is fantastic and tastes great with egg salad. I would recommend only using a very little bit, because it is very potent.
BradleyLyman, UT