Truson Organics Dark Chocolate Covered Roasted Soy Nuts, 5-Ounce Resealable Bags

It’s easy to add the benefits of soy and the anti-oxidant powers of dark chocolate to your diet with these healthy delicious clusters. They are the perfect snack. In a 5 ounce re-sealable, stand up pouch, this makes a great snack size for travelling, camping, dorm rooms, airplanes, office desk, or backpack. Truson Organics soy nuts are the best tasting soy nuts. It’s time to start eating snack foods that are good for you, Crunchy powerful nutrition, Trust Nature Trust Truson to bring you the very best.

Quick facts

  • Case of 6 – 5 ounce re-sealable bags organic chocolate covered soy nuts
  • Unique dry roasting process, makes soy nuts crunchy not hard and dried out
  • Soy protein, isoflavones, and antioxidants
  • USDA certified organic, grown in U.S.
  • Hand dipped and packaged

Top reviews

Disgusting!!!! Do not taste like soy nuts at all!

This chocolate covered soy nuts are absolutely NASTY and DISGUSTING!!!!! My husband ordered them because he had some chocolate covered soy nuts on his trail mix and loved them. When he saw these on amazon he thought they would be amazing as well…. What a DISAPPOINTMENT!!! They taste old and not at all close to soy nuts. I couldn’t even swallow it. Really disappointed in these!!!Will never buy this brand anymore!
CatarinaBay Saint Louis, MS


don’t waste your money on this organic crap. i love organic soybeans but this product insults the awesome goodness of the soybeans. i love dark chocolate but the crap covering the soybeans taste like straight up coffee grounds.
AlidaBentonville, VA

Great item

This is a great snack and super healthy. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a healthy alternative snack from what is at the store. I love dark chocolate and this was some great chocolate.
CarloGoree, TX

Not Very Happy

These were OK, but I was not happy for several reasons.

I recently had some trail mix that had dark chocolate soy nuts in it and since I like to snack on trail mix I wanted to make my own. So I purchased these in order to do that.

#1) I did not care for the way these tasted. These do not taste like the dark chocolate I am use to. They taste more like that fake Carob chocolate.

#2) These are more like clusters, then individual chocolate covered soy nuts. I was disappointed because clusters just don’t work in trail mix, which is why I purchased these.

I won’t be buying these again

DavidCaldwell, OH

I love chocolate soy nuts!

Love chocolate. Love roasted soy nuts. Together it is quite amazing! Best soy nuts I’ve ever tasted. Don’t mind the dark chocolate, I prefer it. Can’t think of anything I would rather snack on.
MargheritaDeposit, NY

Pretty good for a healthy snack

I love dark chocolate, but these were a little dark for me — no sweetness to them at all. The crunch was really nice, like eating chocolate-covered peanuts.

Beware… I don’t know what it was. I ate only one cluster and there was a rock-hard soy bean(?) in it. I’m not sure if it was a bean from an earlier stage in the process (are they ever rock-hard?) or if it was indeed a small round stone. I’ll be eating the rest of them with care, so I don’t break a tooth.

I couldn’t decide between three and four stars. They taste okay, I’d like them to be sweeter (but then they wouldn’t be as healthy), but the fact that I found something that could have broken a tooth in my first bite is a pretty big deal. Since no other reviewer mentioned finding anything like that, I’m really hoping it’s a one-time thing. Consider it 3.5 stars.

GretaMonterville, WV

Love these!

These soy nuts are so delicious that it’s hard to believe that they are also healthful. In addition, the really satisfy your hunger for a treat. I would fill my pantry with them if I could…
AlyssaKingston, UT

Joy in Two Bites

Bliss begins when you first pop one of these healthy goodies in your mouth. The mouthfeel of the high quality dark chocolate perfectly complements the firm crunch of the soybeans. The ratio of chocolate to soybeans is perfect. These treats have a crisp appeal and not a heavy waxiness that I sometimes encounter with dark chocolate. Two clusters are enough to satiate my chocolate craving with minimal guilt.
BradEnterprise, LA

Satisfaction guaranteed

First there was milk and cookies, peanut butter and jam, oil and vinegar, and now: dark chocolate and soy nuts. Brilliant! Try some today and you will be back for more in no time. These tasty little treats pack a punch that leaves you satisfied.
CarlettaSun Valley, ID

Guilt Free Chocolate

The soy nuts give the great healthy crunch and the dark chocolate is to die for. The combination is out of this world and I feel so guilt free. This truly is the perfect chocolate gift. The taste is outstanding and I am not blowing my diet by eating it. One cluster is sooooo satisfying. Plus it is all organic!! The deep dark chocolate is superior. These chocolate clusters are better than any “turtle” I have ever tasted.

This product is good for the body, good for the soul, and good for the planet. It just does not get any better than this.

PrincessBlackey, KY


WOW! These chocolate covered soy nuts are GREAT! I’m truly impressed with the high quality of the dark chocolate that Truson Organics uses in their product. I would highly recommend this healthy snack – be careful – you could eat the whole bag in one sitting!
LaverneJena, LA