Tully’s Coffee House Blend, K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 12-Count

Keurig® Brewed® Tully’s® Coffee House Blend Extra Bold, Medium Roast. Master Roaster. Batch certified EST 1992. Cafe. 12 K-Cups®. 100%Arabica Coffee.

Quick facts

  • Coffee K-Cup for Keurig Gourmet Single Cup Brewer; no messy grinding or clean up
  • Airtight to lock in freshness and flavor
  • Brewing occurs inside the K-Cup so no flavor residue is left behind to spoil the next cup.
  • Please note: ‘regular’, ‘bold’ and ‘extra bold’ refer to the amount of coffee in the K-Cup

Top reviews

Not crazy about the packaging..

Was surprised when I opened the box and saw the k cups just loose, I wasn’t expecting to receive it like that I guess. My first concern was seeing that some of the tops of the k cups are indented, so you wonder at first if their sealed. For the price, I thought it was a good deal. The shipping was slow though.
LylaUtica, SD

K-Cups were BARELY out of date, but tasted very old

K-Cup coffee was supposedly barely out of date, but tasted very, very old and I could not afford to order from Amazon as the ones I got were from Moriah Acres.
MelvinLamar, MS

Wouldn’t buy again.

Like some of you said, I only got 48 also. Why do they advertise 50 and then send 48? It seems minimal to us but 2 times the number of orders adds up for them really fast. I don’t like feeling cheated probably won’t order again. The coffee was strong. I would compare it to Starbucks. The order information says they have three different strengths and I didn’t see where you can choose the strength so they shipped me Extra Bold. I usually drink coffee black but with this, I make a 10 oz and 4 oz with one k-cup and then add some cream so I guess that knocks down the per cup price. Still with feeling cheated, I will look for something better.
KerryAmherst, NH

Good but not as good as Full City

This is a good coffee from Tully’s, but it is not as bright as Full City. Seems to be a little strong without the flavor you hope from a stronger coffee.
YiHills, MN

Coffee from Amazon

I have no problem with Tully’s Coffee or any of the coffees presented by Amazon. I have a problem with ordering coffee through Amazon. The one time I ordered coffee it took forever and a day to arrive. So I decided that made no sense when there are other websites that get the coffee delivered to your door much faster than Amazon can.
JacquieNatrona, WY

Wanted House Blend plain but got Melange

I ordered Tully’s plain House Blend Extra Bold which is super, but received something different that tastes stronger and not as good. I received Tully’s House Blend Extra Bold “Melange maison” instead. The carton reads House Blend, but the cups inside have the Melange label. The plain House Blend is much better. I’m disappointed.
KristiBelford, NJ

Disappointed in purchase…..

First time I purchased from this company and very disappointed as the coffee came all lose in the shipping box..Not even in their original manufacturers Keurig Tully Boxes.. some tops ripped open due to the packaging not to mention there are no expiration dates on these K-Cups.. Maybe this deal was too good to be true.. Do not recommend.. rather pay little more for quality packing and product…:(
JacqulynWilburton, OK

Good coffee, but….

This is good, flavorful coffee, but just not quite the right blend for me.
There are others I like more, so will not be ordering it again. Good price from Amazon, though.
MartiWestminster, TX

Taste great, but jam up coffee maker

As many others have stated, the taste of this coffee is fantastic. Flavor wise, it is by far my favorite.

My concern is that these K-cups keep jamming up my coffee maker. Every time I make this brand of coffee, I have to use a paper clip the next morning to un-jam the Keurig. I’ve noticed that these K-cups have a unique behavior about them. After making a cup of coffee, I go to eject the empty cup. The empty cup has a large amount of coffee grains on the top of it. I have never seen this before in my 4 years of using a Keurig. I am guessing this behavior is directly affecting the coffee maker by jamming it up.

BaileySellersburg, IN

An okay coffee

I bought this to attempt to replace Morning Edition which is no longer available. DH and Mom say it’s too bitter to drink. I think it’s just okay for a medium roast. I wouldn’t buy it again.
AntoniettaCarbon Hill, OH

Tullys Coffee – Average

Not a smooth taste; strong but without the quality taste you would expect. The way the packaging is makes me wonder how long they have been sitting…just doesn’t taste as fresh as the normal ones I buy from Donut Shop. Going back to that brand.
JulioLeesville, OH

Tully’s house blend-Fair

Not as smooth a taste as I expected. Not comparable to Tully’s house blend bought at a Tully’s coffee shop in Seattle.
ChrisJohnson City, TN

Protection Pack

Tully’s House Blend K-Cups is a very good production coffee , but no protective stuff inside of these pack and that’s make some K cups broken when i open it .
StasiaHico, TX

More Strength

Since I drink my coffee black this didn’t have enough deep flavor for me but still is a pleasant cup of coffee.
RossieApulia Station, NY

Possibly my Favorite K-Cup

I recently purchased Tully’s Full City Roast, as well as Tully’s House Blend. They are both excellent, but personally, I prefer the House Blend by a small margin. I like several of the extra bold k-cups, especially Gloria Jean’s Black Gold, Timothy’s Rainforest Espresso and Midnight Magic, and Coffee People Donut Shop. But I find the Tully’s House Blend to have a great mix of being rich and flavorful, but still very drinkable anytime. It may be my favorite k-cup right now, and I will definitely keep a stock of it around our house.
ShastaGilbert, AZ

best cup of regular

If you like a bolder coffee with rich flavor, that is not bitter or burnt tasting, full of flavor this is the one to drink.
ShirelyDunnville, KY

I’m a Tully’s Fan! The House Blend Is Becoming One Of My Favorites.

If we had a ‘I’m A Fan’ button to push, I would definitely be a fan of Tully’s K-cups.

Usually I drink lots of Tully’s French and/or Kona, and Italian is a new favorite that I know I’ll be drinking now that I’ve tried it.

When I think of Tully’s Coffee House Blend, I think of going into a restaurant and smelling that wonderful aroma of freshly-made coffee. It tastes delicious!

At first I didn’t think of it as one of my all-time favorites, because it’s just an excellent cup of coffee. Good flavor and aroma, not too dark, not too strong, not too bitter, just delicious. I just came back to edit this review and say that it is becoming one of my all-time favorites, just another great option from Tully’s.

I used to say that I like to keep it around to drink after I’ve burned out my taste buds on stronger blends and want to calm my taste buds down a little. Now I’ve found that I enjoy it pretty much any time.

One thing I would say about Coffee House Blend is that it will probably please more people in a household or guests visiting than my all-time favorites, which are way too strong for many people. This is a good choice to please more people. It should please just about everyone!

EDITED once more. I came back later to say that with all of my other K-Cup options available to me, I keep reaching for the Tully’s House Blend. I don’t know if it’s just a mood I’m in right now or what, but the others just seem like they are trying too hard. Whatever the reason, I’m enjoying House Blend.

EDITED still once more to say now my favorites are House and Italian, both Tully’s. It’s the best!

FrancieHinesburg, VT

Very Good Coffee

I have had this coffee before and thats why I purchased it once again. Its not to strong, and not to weak, its just right. I also will continue to purchase it from now on.
StevieWaldwick, NJ

Bold But Not Extra Bold. Smooth, Flavorful & Not Bitter..

Tully’s House Blend falls squarely into the Bold category, but it is definitely not an Extra Bold coffee. It is smooth, flavorful and does not have a bitter aftertaste.

**** For those medium blend coffee drinkers, this blend may be too strong. For those that like a jolt in the morning, this coffee may not be bold enough. ****

This blend, taste-wise, is not quite as full-bodied as Tully’s Italian Roast, K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 50) yet it is bolder than the Kona blends, which are no longer available. I also find that it has a just a little more kick than Timothy’s World Coffee, San Lorenzo Dark, 24-Count K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 2), which is one of my favorite blends to-date.

KristieWellman, TX

Great Coffee

I tried this coffee in a sample box and simply loved the flavor, I will buy this again for sure.
FlorentinaJacksonville, NY

Great coffee, excellent price

I’ve been drinking the Tully’s House Blend K-Cup coffee for a few years now. I occasionally buy a different variety just to try it out, but always find myself wanting the Tully’s more. I have to admit, I do like the new Starbucks K-cups, but they are almost as expensive as going to a Starbucks and buying coffee there, so I’ll stick with my Tully’s. I find the blend to be just the right mixture of smooth and bold. I can use a single K-cup twice to fill my 16 oz to-go mug and find that it’s still strong enough.
LoanFreeport, PA

Full of Rich Flavor

I’ve been drinking bold flavors such as Timothy’s Rain Forest Expresso and Coffee People’s Wake Up Call but have grown tired of the somewhat chalky taste of both. I recently tried Tully’s Kona Blend and it’s good but expensive and not available via the “Subscribe and Save” program. So I took a chance on their House Blend and like it even better than the Kona Blend! It’s a “Bold”
K-cup so contains enough coffee to make the larger size cup without it’s being weak and the flavor is nice and rich without being bitter or chalky-tasting. It’s my new favorite K-cup!!!
DeandraVredenburgh, AL


I first tasted this at my uncle’s house on Christmas morning, after he got a Keurig and hooked it up for everyone’s enjoyment.

I can say without a doubt, that this is the best coffee I have ever tasted. It’s absolutely *perfectly* balanced, without a hint of bitterness. Just smooth as silk, it’s the kind of coffee that makes you take a sip, curl up in your chair and sigh in satisfaction at the taste. This coffee is actually prompting me to buy a Keurig of my own now, and this will be the very first blend that will go in it.

AlmetaRed Valley, AZ


Well I have a problem with this coffee. Me and my Mom find it so delicious we cant drink any other coffee that we already have . This includes Jamaican Blue Mountain and Kona coffees. Ya know that perfect cup of coffee you get at the diner well this is it. There is no other there is no better perfect cup of Joe.
PalmiraBypro, KY

House Blend is a perfect Blend!

I had received samples in the mail for Tully’s coffee K-cups and as soon as I smelled the House Blend brewing, I knew it would be special. No doubt….I was not disappointed! Impressive indeed!
BlakeElmore City, OK

Simply the best K cup out there

I have been thru them all and Tully’s simply makes the best K cups out there. The house blend is great, breakfast blend as well and the hard to find Kona is in a class by itself. Better than Green Mountain, Timothy’s, Gloria Jean and Newman’s Own. They simply use better coffee beans and the cups are all very consistent. All of their coffees are “Bold” (even the breakfast blend) but the are never bitter like some other Bold varieties. The superb reviews on this brand are accurate.
RachalCottonton, AL

Best House Blend

I am a picky coffee drinker and really like this House Blend by Tully. Very rich but smooth taste. Easy on the taste buds and stomach. This will be a regular purchase for me.
MeldaLancaster, TN

Ludicrous Price for Amazon

The price for these k-cups on Amazon is ludicrous. They are actually cheaper in a department store paying sales tax.
MayaWest, MS

Tully’s Coffee is my favorite!

I have tried many different k-cups and Tully’s is my favorite. I like the taste because it is a little sweet and doesn’t have much acid. It’s perfect for that first cup of coffee, as well as at any time during the day or night. Really good coffee.
CathiIslandia, NY

Solid Gourmet Cup of Coffee

Its just dark enough for my tastes to be brewed on the 7.25oz setting. It has a dark chocolate and brandy aroma. The house blend has a boldness falling in between a medium brew (gloria jeans hazlenut) and a lighter bold brew (newmans organic). The taste is pleasant and has notes of cocoa and malt, and an aftertaste of walnuts. I would recommend this as a keep around the house brew, but not for something to impress guests.
YanStart, LA