Tully’s Coffee Kona Blend K-Cup Coffee

Like a well-deserved vacation, this variety holds a special place in our imagination. Maybe it’s the mild sweetness and elegant simplicity. Or maybe it’s the way floral aromas remind us of an island morning, heavy with the scent of plumeria. Either way, our Kona Blend is a place we want to be.

Quick facts

  • 10% Kona Coffee blend
  • Beautifully balanced 100% Arabica coffee
  • Medium roast, extra bold
  • 180 K-Cups

Top reviews

Great Kona!

Not as good as fresh ground, but this is the best K-Cup I’ve had. Kona is definitely a treat, though I may grind my own and make my own K-Cup in future.

If you don’t like Kona, I wouldn’t spend the money. There are lots of blends out there that work.

Service and shipping were very acceptable.

AmiePaterson, WA