Tuna Flakes

It is well known that the Japanese are reconginzed as having insights into healthy food and are long lived because of this. Cosmic Pet has had the good fortune to become acquainted with som of the this knowledge and know shares it with the cats of the world. For generations the Japanese have been drying, shaving and eating tuna flakes as a favorite ingredient in many traditional foods. Cosmic Tuna Flakes are prepared in the same traditional manner and by the same expert craftsman as the flakes that are eaten in Japan. There is no difference. Low in fat, high in protein and rich in aroma, Cosmic Tuna Flakes are so good that just a pinch will excite and please the most finicky of cats. Truly super !!

Quick facts

  • Size: 2.5″ X 5.75″ X 2.5″

Top reviews

misleading picture

I didn’t buy this because I noticed the headline says 1/2 ounce, but I just wanted people to know who regularly use the product that the picture is of the bigger, 1 ounce version—just trying to help out anyone.
p.s.–My cats love these flakes so I will continue to buy them, but you can get double the size of this offer for $7.99 at Petco.
RhettLocust Grove, OK