Turbo Snort Caffeine Energy Nasal Spray – 2 Bottle Deal

Two Bottle Deal (SAVE $10.00) – New Turbo Snort is the first energy nasal spray that uses proven homeopathic ingredients and amino acids to immediately increase mental energy, physical endurance and alertness. Because of its intranasal delivery, Turbo Snort sends tiny doses of active ingredients straight through the blood brain barrier to deliver instant lasting energy with no wired feelings or crash like you get with most energy products. This natural formulation does not contain chemical preservatives or fillers and it’s smooth on the sinuses. While energy drinks have to deliver super high doses of active ingredients to work, our nasal spray does not have to pass through the body and so the smallest doses actually give you a much better effect than overly potent drinks and shots. Turbo Snort features proven homeopathic energy and alertness ingredients such as Guarana and Green Tea. In addition, Turbo Snort also contains a proprietary formulation of our special Amino Acid Complex (Creatine, Glutamine, Taurine and Caffeine – 0.96 mg per metered spray). The tiny dosage provides BIG results when delivered through the nose, and because the doses are small, there are no bad side effects like you get with most energy products. The best thing is that one bottle lasts for weeks. there are approximately 223 metered sprays per bottle with average use being (10 to 15) sprays per day. This product is awesome for working out, taking tests, studying, waking up in the morning or anytime you need a quick pick-me-up that really works. Four sprays in each nostril gives you 4 to 5 hours of safe and effective energy with no crash, bad taste or sour stomach. This is the latest cutting edge personal energy technology.

Quick facts

  • Worlds’ 1st Caffeinated Nasal Spray
  • Works Instantly with No Crash
  • No Calories, Sugars or Carbs
  • Contains performance Amino Acids
  • Provides up to 400 Hours of Energy

Top reviews

Waste of money

Might be good for people sensitive to caffeine, but I was unable to ascertain an effect beyond an initial rush from having shot a mentholated product into my nasal cavity. Much too little caffeine, I believe.
SharonForest Dale, VT

Seems to work

I have a very sensitive stomach, and drinking energy drinks and coffee or taking caffeine pills is not an option; I throw them up. So I was very excited to try this nasal spray, and disappointed with the results at first. The first couple sprays do not seem to do much, and are slightly painful. However, I have discovered that using one spray per nostril about every half hour keeps me very energized and awake, and oddly, it seems to be more effective the longer you use it (not necessarily the more sprays you use). There is no “rush” like I get from caffeine pills or energy shots, but it definately keeps me awake and alert, and tapers off instead of crashing.
I’m also a runner and body builder, and have not noticed any increase in “endurance & strength” as is advertised on the bottle, which is why I gave it only four stars. Not that I really care about that coming from a nasal spray, but it is on the bottle. I guess it might take more time for the “strength and endurance” gains to be noticeable, and if so I’ll edit this post.

Summary: The more you use it, the more effictive it seems to be. Will be purchasing again.

EfrenAlden, MN

Doesn’t work Update 3-20-12

I thought this might be a good idea, after all caffeine can pass the blood/brain barrier so it makes sense for a product like this to exist. I was quite disappointed with the results of this however.

Its easy to use, just a couple sprays in each nostril but you will get sniffles for a while after. I wouldn’t mind the sniffles if it actually did anything. You’re only getting 4 mg of caffeine with 2 sprays per nostril (compared to 100 mg in a cup of coffee), and it feels like it, no buzz, no wakefulness, nothing.

I read the review for this product on caffeinefiend.

“I gave myself 2 good sprays in each nostril and got a very refreshing peppermint scent although it did make my nose run a bit. My nasal rush lasted me about two and a half hours before fading out with no crash.”

Caffeine Fiend is the place to look for all your caffeine needs, so I trusted this review. I think the reviewer got a solid boost of placebo. I’m not even that heavy of a caffeine addict (3 cups of coffee a day for me) and I’m not even sure I can feel anything when I use this product.

Unless you have never touched caffeine in your life I don’t think you’re going to get much out of this. Considering that these little bottles go for 10 bucks a pop I would recommend going somewhere else. Or at the very least if you want to try this product get the single bottle so you won’t be stuck with an extra. I opted for 2 because I was so sure this would be amazing. It was an amazing waste of money.

UPDATE 3-20-12
I’ve continued using this since I already had it. I will change my previous statement from not working at all to working a little bit. I still find it fairly unpleasant to use due to the runny nose, and sore throat I get. Some people may find more use for it than me. Just have a tissue ready when you give it a go. I still find the price ridiculous.

Updated rating from 1 star to 3 stars.

GraciaBula, TX