Turbo Snort Caffeine Energy Nasal Spray – 3 Bottle Deal

Three Bottle Deal (SAVE $21.00) – New Turbo Snort is the first energy nasal spray that uses proven homeopathic ingredients and amino acids to immediately increase mental energy, physical endurance and alertness. Because of its intranasal delivery, Turbo Snort sends tiny doses of active ingredients straight through the blood brain barrier to deliver instant lasting energy with no wired feelings or crash like you get with most energy products. This natural formulation does not contain chemical preservatives or fillers and it’s smooth on the sinuses. While energy drinks have to deliver super high doses of active ingredients to work, our nasal spray does not have to pass through the body and so the smallest doses actually give you a much better effect than overly potent drinks and shots. Turbo Snort features proven homeopathic energy and alertness ingredients such as Guarana and Green Tea. In addition, Turbo Snort also contains a proprietary formulation of our special Amino Acid Complex (Creatine, Glutamine, Taurine and Caffeine – 0.96 mg per metered spray). The tiny dosage provides BIG results when delivered through the nose, and because the doses are small, there are no bad side effects like you get with most energy products. The best thing is that one bottle lasts for weeks. there are approximately 223 metered sprays per bottle with average use being (10 to 15) sprays per day. This product is awesome for working out, taking tests, studying, waking up in the morning or anytime you need a quick pick-me-up that really works. Four sprays in each nostril gives you 4 to 5 hours of safe and effective energy with no crash, bad taste or sour stomach. This is the latest cutting edge personal energy technology.

Quick facts

  • Worlds’ 1st Caffeinated Nasal Spray
  • Works Instantly with No Crash
  • No Calories, Sugars or Carbs
  • Contains performance Amino Acids
  • Provides up to 400 Hours of Energy

Top reviews

Didn’t work for me

I thought this would be great but I was very disappointed when I tried it the first time it was nowhere near the “umph” I get from only half of a 5hr energy. So… I ramped up the dosage, or the snortage. Hey, I felt something! But it wasn’t enery. It was my sinuses becoming pretty irritated and the dripping down the back of my throat. Maybe this stuff works for other people but I sure won’t buy it again and wouldn’t recommend it either.
HanaNahcotta, WA

Really Great for Concentration – Love The 3 Pack Price

I’m a big coffee drinker but I don’t like energy drinks because they make me sick to my stomach. My friend started using turbo snort and I was interested right away. The best thing is it gives me a mild boost that really helps focus and lasts a long time without making me edgy or sick. My boyfriend thought it was a little weak for him at first because he drinks red bull all day long, but the other night he snorted about 10 squirts and he was up pretty much all night. Now he uses it in between red bulls because he says it definitely helps him concentrate at work when he’s tired. He does a lot of paperwork and his beloved red bull only makes him edgy so he cannot concentrate. Turbo Snort helps him do his paperwork so he uses it all day at work. It’s a great product.
DanielGibsonburg, OH

Waste of money

Might be good for people sensitive to caffeine, but I was unable to ascertain an effect beyond an initial rush from having shot a mentholated product into my nasal cavity. Much too little caffeine, I believe.
CindyClosplint, KY