Turkish Apple Tea 8.8oz

World Famous Turkish Apple Tea. LEZZO Apple Tea can be consumed either with hot water as a refreshing or cold drink. This traditional apple taste is well known in all the world as TURKISH APPLE TEA. It is the world’s first instant hot apple drink.

Quick facts

  • Traditional Turkish Apple Tea
  • World’s Famous Taste
  • Instant apple drink

Top reviews

It’s good tea but it’s just not for me!

I bought this tea because I never tried Turkish tea from the Black Sea before and I wanted to know what it tasted like. I purchased this particular brand because I enjoy apple juice so I thought they would make a good combination. Although the tea gave me the taste of the Turkish tea I was craving I did not care for the apple tastes at all. Therefore I will not buy this product again. I thought the product was a little on the expensive side as well.
BobbyMc Gregor, TX

Superb! Just like what I had in Istanbul!

I was in Turkey 10 years ago and remember the taste of that Apple Tea so vividly. This particular brand tastes exactly like what I remember. It’s not too sweet and smells amazing. If you are looking for real Turkish Apple Tea, look no further!
JanaSparta, MI

Just like at my local Turkish cafe!

The tea is sweet and has a strong apple flavor. Interestingly enough, I have never liked apple juice or apple cider, but I love this apple tea. The flavor of apple isnt quite as acidic, and the sweetness of the apple is showcased in this tea.
I suggest getting a packaged deal with the cups because they are so cute!
ShericeBruni, TX

turkish apple tea

The tea is good and a great reminder of our trip to Turkey. Will probably not buy again because of the high cost of shipping.
DenitaSherrill, NY

Turkish apple tea

I was thrilled to find this product for sale outside of Europe and Turkey. I always drank it when I lived in those areas and continue to do so. It’s a nice drink to warm you up on cool days. It’s slightly more expensive than in Turkey/Europe but it’s travelled a long way to get here!
ValeryAshland City, TN