Tutto Calabria Hot Long Chili Peppers Large 102.2 oz. Jar

Tutto Calabria Hot Long Chili Peppers 102.2 oz. jar. From Calabria in Southern Italy. Spicy long red chilis packed in Sunflower and Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Vinegar, herbs, and salt. Large display jar, 102.2 oz.

Quick facts

  • Hot Long Chili Peppers
  • Packed In Extra Virgin Olive and Sunflower Oils
  • From Calabria in Southern Italy
  • Add to any recipe for a bit of heat
  • Large 102 oz. Jar

Top reviews

the best tasting prepared peppers on the planet!!!

These peppers are so amazing that I find myself sneaking 1 0r 2 0r 10 everytime I open the fridge! IF YOU DON’T LIKE HOT THEY ARE PROBABLY NOT FOR YOU, but for those of you who enjoy a little heat these are incredible! I use them whole on my pizza’s, in my frittata, on my “sangwiches”etc, etc, etc. The best way for me is right out of the jar by themselves…! Anyway you can get them in your mouth works! They are High Quality and burst with flavor! Do your self a favor and try some. I use to but the small jar, but now I buy the biggest jar they make! A little expensive, but in this case you definitely get what you pay for! I order mine through Amazon but I believe they come from Taylors market in Ca. How ever you decide to get em, just fricken get em!
ThereseMaquon, IL