Tutto Calabria Hot Pepper Sauce 6.7 oz

Tutto Calabria Hot Peppers Sauce made using time tested recipes, the closest to home canning you will find. Can be used as a condiment or tossed with pasta. Made using hot peppers, basil, salt and herbs.

Quick facts

  • Tutto Calabria
  • From Calabria, Italy
  • The closest to home canning you can find
  • Use as a condiment with meats or sausage or toss with pasta for a fiery yet delicious sauce
  • a blend of hot peppers, basil, salt and herbs

Top reviews

Flavor & heat in a jar

I found out about the pepper sauce (actually more like a paste) from a recipe using it in the LA Times magazine. I decided to try a jar, & fell in love at first taste. Use it as a base layer on home made pizza dough, just smear some on & put your other topping over it. Heat up a big blob of it in a pan w/ some olive oil over low heat to get it melted into a sauce (I add a couple chopped clove of garlic in case of vampires, add some uncooked thawed shrimp till done, and toss with some al denta pasta. Shrimp scampi with attitude!Tutto Calabria Hot Pepper Sauce 6.7 oz
JacintoIgnacio, CO

Interesting pepper flavor

Definitely unlike other pepper pastes, like GIA and Amore that come in tubes. It’s thick like a tomato paste. The flavor is tangy and hints a little Asian flavors, though it is distinctly Italian pepper flavors. I wasn’t expecting a specific taste or texture when I bought it so I’m pretty happy with getting something that I haven’t experience before. I will find a lot of uses for this.

I could see it being an excellent addition to a spicy pasta sauce, or pizza sauce. It may also work well mixed with olive oil and used as a base or spread for breads and pizza and such.

Also, it’s fairly hot, but not too hot. It’s fine for most people who like a little heat, but anyone who likes only very mild spiciness will want to pass on this.

HerlindaVentress, LA