Twinings Black Tea, Lady Grey, 20 Count Bagged Tea

Lady Grey Tea is a unique blend from Twinings. This delicious black tea has a light and gentle citrus flavor that is both relaxing and refreshing. Lady Grey is perfect in the morning with breakfast or for afternoon tea. Enjoy it with a little milk, or with sweetener, or to your liking. It is a refreshing, light black tea with the distinctive citrus fruit flavor of bergamot to deliver an uplifting tea with vibrant aroma and zesty flavors of orange and lemon.

Quick facts

  • Case of six 20-count boxes (total of 120 individually wrapped tea bags)
  • Sumptuous blend of black teas flavored with bergamot, lemon, and orange
  • Pale golden tea delicately sprinkled with cornflowers
  • Gentle citrus flavor; natural source of antioxidants
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Top reviews

Disliked bergamot/citrus taste & smell.

As stated in one of the reviews below…I guess I am one of those people who do not like floral flavors in my tea because I did not like this tea!
OscarOnaka, SD

Not English tea

When my tea bought in London ended I bought this tea in supermarket. What a disappointment! The tea is tasteless and very weak compared to the British equivalent. I ordered the same tea from, which came direct from England. It is in a black box. The tea I got from the official site steeps properly and has a much more distinct taste than this American version.
JolynSolomons, MD

Was looking to replace TJ Dutchess Grey Tea. Way dissapointed!

The reason why I went looking for Lady Grey Tea is because in December Trader Joe’s discontinued their Dutchess Grey Tea. This was one of my all time favorites. So I did some research and ended up at this product and bought the 6 pack box. It’s NOTHING like Dutchess Grey. Dutchess was deep, dark and flavorful while Lady Grey is bland and kinda watery. It reminds me of 7-up actually. I’m not sure what everybody else is raving about. Anyway, if you feel you must buy it, I suggest just getting the one box to try out first.
FlorineSangerville, ME

Great tea

This tea is really good for the type of tea it is. A friend mentioned how this was the best tea she’s ever tried so I gave it a shot. Unfortunately. I tend more towards flavored teas, therefore the 4-star rating. In my opinion, the Ahmad Peach & Passion Fruit Black Tea cannot be beat. That is by far my most favorite tea.
DenisBellevue, TX

Blue vs Red Lady Grey Tea

I ordered Twinings Lady Grey Tea 7/20/2011 for my niece. I was disappointed as I just learned it was not Lady Grey Twinings Tea that came in the red package. When I placed the order I was sure this is what I was ordering. Could you inform me is it available at all? I notice now it is not shown at all on your pages. The blue package is ok but I do prefer the tea in the red package. Recently a friend brought some back from her trip to London. Thank you.
DeneseNelson, MN

Like Pine-Sol

I like the other flavors but this one is a no go … just my personal take… aromatic like a floor cleaner. sorry not for me
ElviraPortageville, NY

Finally, I can get this favorite outside a variety pack!

A few years ago I bought Lady Grey Tea in Heathrow on my way home with my last pounds. I got hooked by its delicate flavor and when I ran out had a terrible time finding it at home.
CarmenSalitpa, AL

Lady Grey

This is my favorite tea. I’ve always liked Earl Grey, but sometimes find the bergamot in it a little overpowering. This tea has just the right amount. Like others, I’ve really found this tea hard to find, except in the sample packs. I was really glad to find it at Amazon.
JoanieRoyalston, MA

Amazon, you Amazon

Product, price & service,what more can you say. This product is available in some stores and those that do have it price it above what would be a fair price. Thanks.
AlbertineWilkesville, OH

Easy way to get tea

Amazon is always a reliable source for my tea, no matter where I am in the world. I just wish I could get it shipped directly instead of through a third party. Still, it’s nice to have this option to get my tea.
BrittenyCamp Wood, TX

Lady Grey — delicious!

I love Lady Grey both hot and iced. It’s a year-round favorite. FYI — I’m able to find it consistently at SuperTarget stores in Minnesota and Illinois, as well as at more upscale grocery stores.
DonnetteBig Sandy, WV

Twinings “Lady Grey” 300th anniversary tea

Twinings developed this tea last year (2006) for their 300th anniversary – a counterpart to their famous “Earl Grey” product. “Lady Grey” has the distinctive Earl Grey flavor but with just a hint of floral. It has become my family’s favorite tea. We can no longer get it in our stores but is easily available on-line from Twinings. A wonderful product!
PattyCapitan, NM

great tea

Twinings makes great tea, in my opinion. This is one of the best. Its a Earl Grey type, maybe not as strong, with a more pornounced citrus taste. Not sure why I am reviewing it now, Ive been buying it from Amazon for 4 years!
EloyLenox, AL

Lady Grey Tea

Love this tea and the subtle citrus taste, can’t praise it enough as I am a tea drinker. This is my favorite!
LanellLexington, MA

I love Lady Grey Tea

I love this tea and when the store stopped carring it, I could not find it anywhere. I went on line and was happy to know that I could order it over the internet. I bought lots of it to be sure I would have it on hand.
GabrielFort Wayne, IN

Light and flavorful

I like the light touch of citrus in this tea. I think it’s very enjoyable any time during the day or evening.

It’s favorful

ElvinaOld Fort, NC

Bergamot Forever!

I love this tea, and I’ve turned many friends onto it.

It’s a bit more delicate than traditional Earl Grey, a bit more citrus-y, but it works VERY well with milk. I love this tea, it makes me happy and is a consistently delicious small luxury in a hurried world.

RhondaBelcourt, ND

one of my favorites of all time

I drink a lot of tea, I have all kinds ranging from lapsang souchong, jasmine, Darjeeling, Rooibos, bagged tea, loose tea ( or adagio teas, Twinings, etc). Overall, this is probably my favorite bagged tea, hands down. I love Earl Grey, but I was getting tired of it. I would usually buy 100 bags of Twinings earl grey tea just cause I drank 3-5 bags a day. I picked up lady grey on a gamble, along with several other Twinings teas. I never had it before, and was curious to see what it tasted like. Needless to say for years now it has been one of my favorites. It’s very smooth, I love the added bergamot/citrus flavor. To me this tea is light, fruity, delicate, and just tastes great. I am not really good with tasting notes and all that jazz. I just love tea. Do yourself a favor, give this one a try. I have been drinking tea since I was in Kindergarten, my mother would give me red rose tea for breakfast with my toast and I have been a tea addict ever since.
LucinaWellington, KY

Just Thought I Would Add My Five Stars

I am not a big hot tea drinker…or at least I was not until, for whatever reason, Twinings sent me a sample of 3 teas, including the Lady Grey and I was hooked. This tea would be best described as a “mellow” tea, among black teas that I have tried. I get just a hint of orange but not enough to say it is orange flavored. I tried to find it in stores here but I live in a rural area and the grocery stores here are limited. Couldn’t wait for a trip to the city and found that Amazon had a great price on it. I was a little daunted by having to order 6 boxes, but they way I am drinking it, I will have to reorder in no time.
SachikoHinton, OK

Awesome Tea!

If you love Earl Grey Tea, you will REALLY LOVE Lady Grey Tea. I had the opportunity to try it at a resort when I was on vacation this summer and was hooked. It is now my favorite tea!
EfrenAbiquiu, NM

Delicious, Light and Elegant

I love the flavor of this tea. Very light and flavorful. I like to add a bit of milk to my tea.
I don’t think it is similar to Earl Grey at all.
Lady Grey has more citrus notes and would make a good summertime drink. Very elegant tasting !
NinaBettsville, OH

Magical Tea, the best. Mellow, and smooth.

I love Twinings Earl Grey but for a change or something slightly more delicate, I love Lady Grey. Twinings is proof that you don’t have to spend a lot of money or buy loose tea to get smooth, mellow tea full of flavor. Also, twinings bags impart no flavor of thier own and they don’t let any floaties escape.
ToddLambrook, AR

Wonderful Tea

If you like Earl Grey, but find it a bit overpowering to your tastbuds, try Lady Grey, which is a softer, gentler tea flavored with oil of bergamont. It is delightful at any time, and every time I serve it, it gets rave reviews for it’s subtle flavorings. Amazon has the best price around as well, I was finding it hard to find locally, and was pleased to find Amazon had it.
EllisGoodwin, SD

Best afternoon tea, ever!

I love this tea. It’s a proprietary blend by Twinings, so it’s hard to find an exact similar taste in other teas, but it’s such a nice, black tea with a strong flavor and a delicate scent. It’s definitely not herbal, and it stands up to milk! Lovely with cookies or crackers!
LashellRemer, MN

Great price on hard-to-find tea!

My 18-year-old son loves hot tea and Lady Grey is one of his favorites. Our local source stopped carrying it, and we searched the stores in surrounding towns but could not find it. Then I hit on the bright idea of trying Amazon! No problem finding it, at a much better price than grocery stores. The turnaround was fast as well — we received it in 2-3 days, just in time for my son to take it back to college with him! He tells me it is delicious and we are both very pleased.
StephenFloris, IA

A Tea for all Times

I drink alot of tea and Lady Grey is one of my favourites. The citrus undertones are soothing and complimentary any time of the day. Lady Grey is refreshing hot as well as iced, lending itself well to any situation. I was very happy to find it available here.
DeedeeColden, NY

Lady Grey

Lady Grey is a super tea and I guess it was such a great seller that they started puting it with a few other flavors and that was the only way in most stores now you can buy it, have to drink 4 other flavors to get this real good one.
PenneyDowagiac, MI

A favorite

I looove Twinings Lady Grey. It may possibly be my favorite tea. It has a wonderfully delicate citrus flavor and aroma. Earl grey may be more popular, but I find it is too sharp and not to my tastes. I far prefer the lady to the earl!
RosendaPatricksburg, IN

very nice flavor

I got this in a variety pack and love the floral flavor. Most of my friends don’t like it for some reason…I guess it just depends on whether you like a floral flavor in you beverages (for you coffee drinkers, imagine a black tea version of Tanzanian Peaberry.) I save this tea for the afternoons; for some reason it tastes better when I don’t feel rushed.
TianaNorth Hero, VT

My favorite TEA was purchased thru

I have tried a large variety of teas, both in the States and in Europe…..this reminds my favorite tea. It has a light, slightly fruity taste that is very pleasing, especially early in the morning.
EddyMinter City, MS