Twinings Earl Grey Tea, Loose Tea, 7.05-Ounce Tins

Twinings Earl Grey Tea, loose tea, is fine black tea expertly blended with the citrus fruit flavor of bergamot, to deliver an uplifting tea with a unique floral aroma and refreshing taste.

Quick facts

  • Case of six 7.05-ounce tins of loose tea (total of 42.3- ounces)
  • Fine blend of carefully selected black tea, scented with bergamot
  • Pale golden tea with a delicate citrus flavor
  • Packaged in an attractive, reusable tin
  • Light and aromatic; natural source of antioxidants

Top reviews

Damaged tin!

I always have good luck with Amazon, but one of the “gift tins” of the loose Twining’s Tea arrived dented. I immediately emailed Amazon and have not heard anything until today. Obviously, I cannot give this tin as a gift do to the dents that occured in shipping, either to Amazon or to our home. I’ve saved the tin if you would like to send a call tag or give me credit for one tin. I would appreciate some kind of reply from you!
MoriahWimauma, FL

More of a black tea than an Earl Grey

As readily available tea brands go, I prefer Bigelow’s Earl Grey to Twinings’ version but I had only tried the tea bags so I took a chance on the loose tea based on the positive reviews. Unfortunately, the tea was just as meh as I remembered. I actually prefer regular black tea such as PG tips to this Earl Grey.

I am going to use up the loose tea one tablespoon at a time in a 1-quart Ball canning jar for sweet tea (1/4 to 1/3 cup of white sugar and a mint sprig).

RuthBrookfield, MA

This is not the same Twinings Earl Grey!

I have drunk a pot of Twinings Earl Grey tea every morning for the last 15 years (family favorite). However in the last year & a half I’ve noticed a terrible change in the taste of the tea. The Earl Grey that I knew & loved was fragrant & never bitter unlike the new stuff sold today. At first I thought it had bought old tea or a bad tin. I even switched stores & finally bought it here on Amazon. But same bad taste. Several members of my family also complained about the change as well as friends who were longtime drinkers. I googled Twinings Earl Grey & have discovered that there was indeed a switch about 2 years ago. I cannot recommend this new stuff at all–it is not remotely similar to the Earl Grey of old. It’s bitter, harsh tasting & I can’t really taste or smell the bergemot. It’s terrible & I don’t recommend it. I sold my remaining tins on Ebay.

Update: due to complaints, Twinings is now selling the “classic” or original Earl Grey tea. Just be sure it’s marked classic to get that same great taste.

GenesisOrion, IL

The Original.

Earl Grey is my favorite blend of tea by far – no competition there. The biggest secret with this tea once given to Earl Grey of Hoswick Hall (British Prime Minister in 1830 – 1834) by a Chinese manadarin, reportedly in gratitude after the earl saved his life, is to get just the right doseage of bergamot oil, a rather intense, tangy scent derived from the bergamot orange (which in turn is a cross between the pear lemon and the sour orange; the latter is native to South Vietnam, and its oil was probably the recipe’s original ingredient). Using too much bergamot oil can easily obscure the black tea’s natural flavor – but with Twinings you just can’t go wrong, because the original Earl Grey turned to this very company for a match to the quickly dwindling supply he had received from his Chinese friend.

(From the Twinings website: “When the mandarin’s tasty gift began to run out, Earl Grey asked his tea merchants, Twinings, to match it for him. Twinings unique blend was the Grey family’s long-standing favourite. When guests inquired about it, they were directed to Twinings on the Strand, where they would ask for Earl Grey’s tea by name.”)

Unless you insist on having *all* your tea with cream or milk, I recommend having this one without any kind of milk products: not only does the original recipe not call for such an addition; in my mind it just plain ruins the blend’s particular flavor. (But that’s just me, of course.) Whichever way you have it, though, if scented teas are your kind of thing, Twinings Earl Grey should be right up your alley.

JennifferWorth, MO

Best Earl Grey Tea

This is in my opinion by far the best Earl Grey Tea in the Market. Loose tea is significantly better in taste than the tea bags from the same manufacturer. The 6 pack is a great deal.
JuniorLongwood, FL

Tasty tea

I recently gave up coffee & made the switch to teas. I’ve tried all the usual suspects. Lipton & other grocery blends were bitter or weak. I purchased the loose tea leaves from Amazon at a fair price & quick shipping. English friends suggested PJ Tips Tea, which we ordered from another online site. Twinning’s blows it away. The Earl Grey & Irish Blend are great both on the pallet & to the nose.
GinoNinilchik, AK

The best Earl Grey on the market

I enjoy a good cup of tea and my absolute favorite is Earl Grey. Twinings Early Grey is among the best on the market, alongside Rishi loose leaf. A traditional English tea, Earl Grey is a black tea whose principle flavor is from the rind of bergamot oranges. Although there are various accounts of its origin, it is most likely was an Indian recipe (China is also a commonly attributed with creating the recipe) which made its way to England in the early 1800s. Named after Lord Grey, the tea is a flavorful black tea that is best served nearly boiling hot with or without lemon. It is NOT served with cream.

Twinings is one of the oldest conveyors of Earl Grey and still use the same recipe as they have for well over a hundred years (soon to be two-hundred). Their tea is also endorsed by the 6th Earl Grey and his signature appears on their packaging. Not that this means the tea is superior because of any endorsement; in this case the tea speaks for itself.

I prefer loose leaf teas to tea bags. There is something in the process of measuring tea into a cozy and letting it steep that makes the resulting cup of tea that much nicer. There is a reason they have tea ceremonies in most of the world (and although less rigorous, so do the British in their own way). Twinings is the quintessential British Earl Grey, and if you’ve never tried it, you owe it to yourself to do so. Enjoy!

CorrieSproul, PA

The bes Earl Grey

This is a wonderful tea: aromatic, smooth, and robust. I haven’t come across a better Earl Grey yet.
AngelitaWortham, TX

Great english tea

Outstanding full-flavored Earl Grey tea. Better than the other non-branded Earl Grey teas.
NorikoMorrison, CO

Tea with shoulders

My mother got my wife hooked on Earl Grey tea. Twinings has always been our preferred brand. Amazon had the price. We now have the tea. It is my wife’s usual morning pick me up, except on the weekends and days off.
LauraleeCowan, TN

Good stuff

This was EXACTLY what I was looking for, and EXACTLY as advertised. Not stale, obviously hadn’t been on a shelf forever.
DinorahHeth, AR

no regrets with this bulk purchase

This tea retains its flavor and fragrance over several years and always delivers a flavorful tea that doesn’t take like boiled wood.
GabrielPalisades Park, NJ

Twining’s Tea

Twining’s is a 300 year old English tea company with a well deserved reputation for providing the best tasting tea in the world! It is the tea of choice by Cunard cruise ships. Earl Grey is our tea of choice for over 30 years. The quality has never changed, at a time when a lot of name brands are not often reliably maintained. Captain John-Luc of the starship Enterprise would have found Twining’s tea available and delicious centuries hence. Enjoy!
DollyLovettsville, VA


Delicious loose earl grey tea. I use it for making iced tea, my favorite. Check out the Adagio IngenuiTEA brewer available here on Amazon for a great tea making setup. My only wish is that Amazon stocked it in a bigger size. I’m running out of ideas for things to do with all the dozens of little metal tea boxes i have around the house now. Good for storing electronic cables, screws, poker chips, etc…

Loose tea is much better than bagged tea… more room for the leaves to brew.

VernonMechanicsburg, PA

One great tea !!!

One of the best teas out there! It will get you going all day long !!!
JoannieHighland Park, IL


Very tasty tea, I like loose tea and it’s harder to find these days. This tea tastes very good and is a good value.
IsaiahMorton, TX

Great price on the brand of Earl Grey I prefer…

The opportunity to get Twinings Earl Grey in large containers at a very reasonable price was too good to pass up.
YaniraAlleghany, CA

Excellent flavor, love the reusable tins

This tea has an excellent flavor and I reuse the tins by buying larger quantities in bulk and storing in the tins. I have a “tea station” on my counter with a tin of this and a tin of the English Breakfast always at hand. A note to those of you who prefer your tea iced…use this with a coffee filter in your iced tea maker or through sieve and you won’t be disappointed!
BebeLivermore Falls, ME

I. Love. This. Tea.

I don’t pretend to know everything about tea, but I know what I like. This I one of the best. Loose leaf from England. Mmmmm. I’ve made it hot and iced and both are perfect. An the tin is lovely to use one the tea is gone. 🙂
SheilaWestminster, CO

My favorite tea.

Good flavor. I use a coffee grinder to make the leaves usable in my Keurig coffee maker. Works just fine if I don’t grind them to finely.
LeonardaNew Paltz, NY

Good tea

I have always like Twinings Earl Grey tea. The large tims are largely unavailable in local stores so I appreciate the convenience of being able to buy it through Amazon.

Ed Compton

KristaBickleton, WA

my morning fix

so happy to have my stash of “the earl” in the cabinet. the tea is constantly delicious and glad that amazon offers auto delivery of this item. i am never out of tea. happy to have that pot hot and ready each morning. never mind the occasional afternoon cuppa .
GlennisReynolds, GA

Bueno el té inglés

The English tea I bought is best quality; also the price was good and the shippment was very efficient and not so expensive.
MayaLevittown, NY

Twining Tea

The tea was exactly as advertised. It arrived within the timeframe quoted. The net purchase price resulted in considerable savings over the best (local) grocery store chain.
BuenaLonglake, SD

Twinings Earl Grey

Grew up with Twinings Earl Grey tea when my uncle in England would mail us a monthly quota. Still love it and loose is always the best. Glad you sell it.
MoriahSidney, IL

Family favorite

Everytime I go to Spain to visit my family my sister & mother always beg me to bring some od this tea…so I order this lot & they love me for it=) Great price.
CarmelFoster, NE

Excellent Tea – Well shipped

If you like tea and haven’t tried this you should. It lasts a long time (I buy the multi pack)and the last container is as fresh as the first when I open it.
TomokoLowville, NY

The Best Earl Grey Tea

To me there is no other tea than Earl Grey and no other brand matches Twinings. The price on the package of 6 is the best I’ve found.
JenniferBismarck, MO

Great tea, good price. I just wish it were more often available.

Cheaper than at the grocery store and convenient havint it delivered, but one has to wait for availablity.
JuleneFriendsville, MD


Heaven in a cup. It must be experienced. And in general, I’m no fan of tea.
TaneshaVandervoort, AR