Twinings English Breakfast Decaf Tea, K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 24-Count

Twinings English Breakfast Tea was originally blended to complement the traditional, hearty English breakfast, from which its name derives. Their refreshing and invigorating flavor makes English breakfast one of the most popular black teas to drink at any time or occasion – not just for breakfast. English breakfast can be enjoyed with or without milk, sweetened or unsweetened – the choice is yours. English Breakfast Decaffeinated is a rich and satisfying robust tea, traditionally blended with Kenyan and Assam black teas.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 2 (total 50 count)
  • Rich and satisfying robust tea
  • Consistent well balanced flavours
  • Twinings sold in more than 100 countries throughout the world
  • Blended with Kenyan and Assam black teas

Top reviews


I had to order this twice and still have not received it!!! I ordered it the second time on Feb 6 and it says it’s in stock but they’re not shipping it until Feb 26!!! I am canceling my order and will not shop from these people again!!!! I should not have to wait well over a month for something and then not even be able to contact them about it!!!!
NobukoFort Wingate, NM

Fantastic Decaf Tea!

I am so glad they decided to make this tea available in the K-cup. I really appreciate a good cup of tea but don’t need the caffeine from 8 cups a day, and this tea actually tastes great in the decaf variety.
EstellaPocahontas, AR

Excellent tea.

This is a wonderful cup of tea! Made with the traditional cream & sugar, it is full bodied and bracing. The Kuerig brews it fast and hot. This is a wonderful cup of tea! My son recommends this highly — I like the decaf… My son recommends the regular.
LouannUlysses, NE

Better Than Expected!

After reading pros and cons on the Twinings English Breakfast K-cups, I decided to take my chances (based on brand name and favorable reviews). I was very pleasantly surprised that the taste and brew strength of the tea are of the best quality … especially for a decaffeinated blend. I’ve made numerous cups and never once had the problem of tea leaves seeping through the k-cup, as mentioned by some reviewers. It’s a great way to make a quick cup of tea and I highly recommend this product.
LeonLake Benton, MN

Tea leaves too tiny… they end up in your tea cup.

I couldn’t wait to have decaf english breakfast tea k-cups! I was so disappointed when they arrived because the tea leaves must be too tiny as they end up coming out of the k-cup during brewing and you end up with almost the entire k-cup of tea leaves floating in your tea cup. YUK. I am so disappointed. I wish someone would come up with a good decaf k-cup of english breakfast tea… please!
AdellMuskegon, MI

The Best But Hard To Get

This is the best Tea out there. But it is hard to find on Amazon!!!
SharanWaldron, MI

Good quick cup of tea

We really enjoy the Twinings k-cups. I’m a casual tea drinker and I think it’s a really good cup of tea, and there’s no wait for water to boil and for the tea to steep. My wife is pretty particular about her tea and she quite likes it as well, but feels that there’s no beating making tea the old fashion way. So, not quite as good loose tea or bagged tea, but certainly a lot more convenient and a lot quicker.
JarodCheshire, OH

what i wanted

The free shipping got me to order but I can still drive to bed and bath with their coupon and pay $2 less
MeliaWoodland, WI

Breakfast Tea

I have just finished my second cup this morning and this is a great tea! Especially if you are looking for a decaffeinated product, then this is highly recommended.
Taste great and it has replaced coffee for me in the morning!!
PatsyMc Fall, MO

Taste Like Cardboard

This is the worst tasting tea ever. It really tastes just like cardboard and I am shocked that it doesn’t have less stars. I recommend Celestial Seasoning Tea over this – tastes like real tea instead of packaging. You cannot return it either so don’t bother buying it.
ScottieCoarsegold, CA

great taste

These K cups have a deep flavor for a decaf tea . I usually make a 12 ounce cup with just 1.
UshaRahway, NJ

great decafe tea

I am a decafe tea drinker that was unable to find any for a Keurig locally. This has great flavor, not weak or watery. Price is great for the amount of K-Cups in package. Will be sure to purchase again
JennyWinton, CA

This product is great!

I couldn’t be more satisfied with this tea. I have never had a problem. The tea is the perfect strength, whether I make it to drink it hot or add ice for iced tea.
TressaWinfall, NC

Twinings English Breakfast Tea,

These K-cups brew an excellent cup of decaf tea! Wonderful fresh brewed taste in just a few seconds with the Keurig brewer. You won’t be disappointed.
MillyAlakanuk, AK

Eng Brek Tea

I never had the English Breakfast Tea before, and found the flavor mild and good. I don’t like strong teas, and wanted a black tea that I didn’t have to water down or add suger to. This is a good tea, and buying it from Amazon was also a good deal. I normally pay $12 a box, and it is more like $10 a box, when you purchase the pack of two.

Thanks again, Amazon, and Twinings!

JamaalHinsdale, IL

Great tea and a fast way to have it !!

Its the greatest way to make tea since the invention of tea pots!!
Great products all the way..
LibertyBingham, ME

Perfect Cup of Tea

I drink one to two of these K-Cups a day (have been doing so for 6 mos now). Love it – perfect tea – not bitter not weak. I have come across the occasional K-Cup with a bad lid seal (and it will blow the grinds into the cup then) but I choose not to get worked up over the failure of a 40 cent item when the others in the pack are fine. 2008 EDIT: Ok, , I have to agree with the other reviewer a little more – the quality of these K-cups is inconsistent and they do blow grinds more often then they should. I am still drinking this tea as much as ever as the flavor is not replicated in any other brand. 2009 EDIT: It’s June 2009 now and this is still my main drink. The K-Cup blowout issues seems to have been resolved in the last few boxes. They must have fixed the problem. A great tea.
CarleyTarentum, PA

Smooth breakfast tea … conveniently made

Great find on Amazon! I had not found a decaf K-cup tea on any of the regular K-cup sties … most decaf offerings were green tea or herbal. (Green tea is prohibited if you take the prescription drug Coumadin)

Smooth and flavorful, does not brew as dark as using a tea bag, but just as rich.

Priced below other teas on other sites and arrived nicely packaged, no extra packaging to dispose of!

The best feature of this purchase was the use by date … over 12 months away. Other sites have sent coffee and teas that had sell by dates within 3 months!

I now use Amazon for all my K-cups because of price and service!

SamWest Milford, WV

Tea Time for a Pregnant Woman and Her Man

My wife and I are big fans of the Keurig K-cup system mostly for the fact that you can get a consistent tasting cup of tea or coffee in under a minute (Ours is always on, so no warm up time). It saves us about 2.5 minutes per day of unnecessary steeping time. That adds up to over 15 hours a year for each of us! That’s 15 hours for each of us to fall in love all over again with the rich bold flavor of this decaffeinated english breakfast brew which is a favorite of my wife during pregnancy.
LavernRuth, MI

Decaf English tea

I picked the wront tea, cause I don’t like this one as much as the regular English tea. I will change my order next time.
MicahCalvert, AL

No quality control

I have been ordering K cups from Coffee Cow for 2 years and I will go back to them ASAP. There were 2 kcups in each of the boxes that were broken and tea…very very fine tea… was everywhere…not 2 mention I was now 4 cups short. The remaining cups were one third the weight of the Timothy’s tea I had on the shelf. The tea tastes like dish water. I will never order this again. What a waste of money!
JenetteBoonville, CA

A little weak.

Compared to Celestial Seasonings English Breakfast, this tea is weak. The tea tastes like the second run of the other brand. Purchased Twinings because much cheaper than C.S., but will not make that mistake again!
LeonilaAdams, KY

K-Cups are great for more than just coffee

I was a bit skeptical at first that my wonderful K-Cup machine could produce a great cup of tea. I am a huge fan of the coffee I brew with it, but tea can be tricky to brew sometimes.

I have to admit that after I tried two sips I was in heaven. I wouldn’t have been able to tell you that it wasn’t brewed on the stove top. The tea tastes just as good as the bagged version, and the fact that I can drink it in less than 2 minutes creates a total winning package for me.

JasmineMaydelle, TX

We love it.

Those in our office who are sensitive to caffeine just love this tea as a replacement for the “real thing.”
RickiBannister, MI

Love it

This is really a great tasting tea and I have a cup every morning. If anyone is looking for a good decaf tea, this is one I recommend.
IsisCayuga, ND

twinings english breakfast tea

This is a wonderful tea for the keurig machines. If you like a tea with no bitter taste then this is the one for you.
AnalisaGordon, PA

Excellent tea, convenience in K-cup

This is my DW’s favorite K-cup, she seems to go through two to three per day. I’ll have a tea about once per week, and I find this to be quite good as well. Although still cheaper on Amazon than other sources, this used to be much cheaper here last year!
LethaSweet Briar, VA


This decaf tea is awesome. I bought it for my pregnant wife who can’t have caffeine, and I have been stealing them to make iced tea with… Brew this over ice and it makes an AWESOME tea. I will be buying this one again.
ColleenEddyville, KY

recent order

The tea is good (for non-steeped) but my last order had several pods with loose/compromised foil tops which means it explodes in the Keurig and tea spurts out dispenser.
AndrewLowell, WI

too weak or too large a mug

I can only use the smallest brewing cup size for one K-cup of this tea. It does taste good that way, but it takes 3 k-cups to get my breakfast mug! I’m going to try regular Bigelow black tea next.
FloyClementon, NJ