Twinings Revive Herbal Tea,Cherries and Madagascan Cinnamon Tea Bags, 1.41 Ounce Boxes

This select blend of juicy ripe cherries blended with the finest Madagascan cinnamon creates an enlivening flavor experience in every cup. Invigorating and flavorful, each cup will revive your senses and tantalize your taste buds. They are all natural and caffeine free herbal tea.

Quick facts

  • Case of six 1.41-ounces (total of 8.46-ounces)
  • All natural and caffeine free herbal tea
  • Invigorating and flavorful
  • Creates an enlivening flavor experience in every cup

Top reviews

Cherry Spice Tea

I am a big tea drinker and Twinings is a great full-bodied tea. As I was stocking up on some special flavors in Kissel Hill, PA, I saw the picture of those beautiful cherries on the box and had to try it. I LOVE cherries!

While it is a very good tea, it tastes heavier on the spice than the cherry. Spice tea is not my “bag,” so to speak, so I will probably pass this one by the next time I shop. I guess the spice kind of overpowers the cherry, because I DO taste the cherry.

All that said, this is just my preference. It is still a very good tea. It will likely wake up your taste buds and is a welcome change from plain tea. It is red in color but is not a rooibus tea. The ingedients, listed in this order, are: hibiscus, natural cherry flavour with other natural flavours, orange leaves, apple pieces, rosehips, cinnamon, liquorice root, cherry pieces. If you like spice teas, check it out. I suggest you try it without sugar or with agave cactus nectar (sweetener in natural food isles), or brown unbleached sugar, or honey.

This is a caffeine free naturally flavoured herbal tea. Each tea bag is sealed in in its own individual packet to keep the flavor fresher longer.

DorcasGlencliff, NH

Yummy, Fruity, Floral Tea!

I first bought this at an unnamed big-box store when I was trying to find something to help me cut back on the caffeine. After a few months, they (of course) quit carrying it … <sigh> I don’t buy many grocery items online, but after missing my tea, I found it here. With Supersaver Shipping, it was less than when I bought it locally.

It has a great mix of floral herbs, fruits and spices (although I don’t pick up much cinnamon) which makes for a lovely fragrance and taste … and it has a beautiful light red color. It also makes a really, really nice iced tea. Barely sweetened, for me, it is perfection!

BasiliaEarlsboro, OK

perfect combination!

I love cherries and am also a big fan of spicy teas like chai, so this seemed a natural fit. I was disappointed, at first, by the scent when I opened the bag. The tea smelled “off” somehow and I couldn’t detect the cherries at all. However, once I brewed it, the flavor came through and the tea smelled sweet and spicy. The cherry flavor is definitely noticeable, but it is somewhat overpowered by the cinnamon. I really like the cinnamon flavor, so this didn’t really bother me. Those looking for a strong cherry tea more in line with the Celestial Seasonings “zinger” fruit teas could be disappointed, though. I like Celestial Seasonings, but find them lacking in depth compared to Twinings. This tea is rich and full-bodied, with just enough cherry to satisfy. Recommended.
ClaudiaNewport, VA

Great for arthritis

I love this tea – it tastes great, has very strong, genuine cherry flavor. And my mom has discovered it has the added benefit of easing arthritis.
YulandaVoltaire, ND

Great product, too much packaging

This shipper was prompt, and I got exactly what I asked for! My only issue was that there was WAY too much packaging involved. A box inside a box, wrapped in massive amounts of bubble wrap, inside of another box. I ordered TEA and the whole package was bigger than my desktop printer. Seriously unnecessary and a waste of resources.
MaryroseMayfield, KY

Really good herbal tea

I took a chance on this tea since I couldn’t have regular tea any more. It really has a great taste of cherry and cinnnamon. I have given several people some of the tea and everyone wants to know where I got it. Now that most of the herbal tea has soy in them, it is wonderful to find one that doesn’t. As long as this tea stays with the same ingredients and does not add soy, I will continue to buy it.
WaylonKihei, HI