Two Dozen Rainbow Roses


Quick facts

  • Free clear glass vase with each purchase of a flower bouquet (may be different from picture)
  • Guaranteed fresh for 7 days
  • Flowers arrive in our specially designed gift box with your personal message
  • To choose a delivery date, please check the box for “SCHEDULE A DELIVERY” when adding to cart.

Top reviews

Fairly pretty roses, picture inaccurate

Purchased these for Valentines day for the girlfriend. She loves yellow roses and I felt the variety offered in this package would be great.

Pros: Pretty, includes 2 packets of plant food, arrived on time even in inclement weather

Cons: Variety is a joke. Absolute NO YELLOW or ORANGE roses. Only includes red, white, and pink. Disappointed girlfriend=disappointed customer.

Proflowers dropped the ball on the picture advertising these flowers, however the shipping and decent quality garners them a 3 star review.

TyronCenter, TX

Not as pictured.

The photo would lead you to believe you would be sending red, yellow, orange, pink and white roses. Not a red one in the bunch! What you do get is a lot of cream, a couple purple and yellow. No bright colors, all pastel and muted. Disappointing!
TerisaTekamah, NE

Extreme Disappointment-Don’t expect what’s shown in the picture!!!

My wife received these roses at work today, opened the box, closed it back up and brought them home. The colors are absolutely terrible – no red roses at all and the rest are all drab, washed out colors. There are a few yellow and pink but the rest are a pale, pale mauve color and the most horrible dirty tan color you have ever seen (those are now in the trash!!!) This was our first Valentine’s Day since our wedding and needless to say, she was very disappointed. I have ordered a completely different arrangement for her and will definitely think twice before ordering from ProFlowers again.
DorineBrown City, MI

ok for the price

well let see I got this for mother’s day for my in-law. cheap item less than $30 dollars w/ vase and delivery. not bad but if u really want a nice bouquet have then hand deliver yes it makes a big different.. pro flower.. they where beautiful roses all the colors. about 7 days they started to die. overall ok!
JeaneneDola, OH

My Grandmother Loved Them

I sent these to my grandmother while she was in a rehab center. She loved them and they lasted longer than most floral arrangements she received. Proflowers is wonderful. Have used them several times and my recipients always love what they get.
CaterinaPennville, IN

Lovely Flowers – Great Packaging + Service

They were delivered right on rime the morning of my wife’s birthday. The packaging was great including the lovely flowers, flower food, a glass vase and instructions. I could not have asked for more and will use them again.
JaymeDurham, PA

Flowers are right on the money

The flowers arrived quickly, and were beautiful. The arrangement delivered was yellow and orange, and quite stunning. She was extremely happy, and that makes me extremely happy. Extremely pleased.
CherishKansas, OK

Absolutely Horrid

Ordered flowers to be delivered on the 11th arrived on the 8th in below 0 temperatures. Called and got a replacement delivered on the 11th and were in the house within 3 minutes. These replacement flowers look worse than the ones destroyed by the cold. Brown out of the box. Looked like grocery store trash. Very upset. My wife and daughter got brown flowers for Valentines day. “
RenaldoWhite Castle, LA

Dozen+12 free? arrived only 12 pcs

The product photo really deceiving, and i don’t know why but the product info clearly stated One dozen rainbow roses + 12 free.
but all i received is a dozen flowers ONLY and the arrangement far off from illustrated product photo.

feel free to see the actual product i received froom the URL below:

NolanGreen City, MO

Beautiful roses

These roses were so beautiful. They arrived on time, in perfect condition and lasted for almost a month. The colors were vivid and they smelled so good. My daughter loved them.
EchoBrookfield, NY