Two Leaves Tea Company Organic Earl Grey Black Loose Tea, 0.5 lb Resealable Pouch

The best Earl Grey teas begin with high quality full black tea leaves, which get their legendary flavor from natural bergamot oil—oil from a citrus fruit grown in Bergamo, Italy. This is an elegant cuppa’ tea with tried and true flavor that ranges from a light citrus zip to a deep, smooth black tea.

Quick facts

  • Loose Tea in a 1/2 lb. Resealable Sleeve
  • Black Tea
  • Our Earl Grey starts with great quality, whole leaf organic black tea; not a blending tea; We add just a hint of natural bergamot to create the famous taste

Top reviews

it’s OK

Amazon asked me to review it so I do. It’s OK. I like the Earl Grey by SpecialTea much more. I think Amazon will delete this reference to a competitor.

The good news. Two Leaves and Bud’s Organic Assam is superb-superb-superb. The best Assam I ever tasted.

The bad news. It’s out-of-stock; probably because of my review.

SunKeswick, IA

good tea

I really love this tea; am an avid Earl Grey tea drinker. First had this at a restaurant in Southern California and then a funky shop in D.C. On either coast, it has a wonderful aroma and a good, balanced flavor. And it’s about half the price of other loose leave Earl Grey teas available at the tea chains (Teavana) or local tea shops in my neighborhood. Overall, great value.
MarjorieSuwannee, FL

Great tea!

Just a little makes many cups of delicious tea. It’s my favorite loose leaf earl grey.
CindieSpindale, NC