Ultra Fresh Crystals Cat Litter, 3.5-Pound Containers

ROK Straps are a new and innovative 3 in 1 dog leash. They are made out of durable extruded rubber for strength and stability. They have a built in traffic lead, padded handle and stretch if your dog pulls. They are designed to absorb the shock so your arm and shoulder do not. The hardware is made out of Italian brass and the traffic lead also doubles as a way to secure your pooch in the car using the seat beat. Simply put the seat belt through the loop and click it in. They come in 9 unique color designs.

Quick facts

  • Cats
  • Trackless Formula!
  • Cat safe!
  • Stops odor!
  • Harv Ultra Fresh Crystl 3.5Lb

Top reviews

Scented crystals are great!

I’ve always been a fan of crystals in the litterbox, and the fact that these are scented really is great! My basement does not smell like cat, while at the same time, the smell is not so strong that my cat refuses to go in the litterbox. My cat must use the litterbox more than others, because I’ve never had the experience of one bag lasting a month. It lasts two weeks (non-scented used to be 10 days).

They are also pretty good at not tracking all over the place.

I use the subscribe & save option to make this even cheaper, but I found that it was already 20% less than 7 lbs of “high quality” crystals Ultra Pet Cat Litter Pearls (Original) Crystal Clear, 7-Pound Package and not too much more expensive than the bulk stuff Clear Choice Silica Crystals Cat Litter Pail, 12-Pound.

ShantelEwing, KY

It’s Crystal Clear……They Love It!

Target no longer sells my most economical and favorable cat crystals, however, though these are about a 3rd more expensive, my cats love it and so do I. Odors are kept to a minimum and clean up is fairly simple. It will never be a pleasurable task, but, my cats rarely go a day without having their litter box cleaned.
PaulTuscola, IL