Uncle Lee’s Tea, Body Slim Dieter Tea, Lemon, 30-Count

Uncle Lee’s Body Slim series of Dieter Tea are blended with premium natural herbs and spices. The formula and preparation are based on an old Chinese book of medicine–“Detailed Outlines of Chinese Herbs”, by Lee Se-Zhen, 1518-1593. After centuries of use, this formula has been proven to be one of the best healthy beverages for dieters. Besides from being caffeine free, we have added a bit of cinnamon to the flavor for cinnamon lovers that enjoy a stimulating taste in a cup of tea while benefiting from the effects of Uncle Lee’s Body Slim Dieter Tea series. As our customers testify, these teas do not cause cramping. As with all natural laxatives, you should combine the taking these teas with the healthy addition of fresh fruits and vegetables and natural forms of fiber for good health.

Quick facts

  • Dieter Tea
  • Caffeine Free

Top reviews

Watch out for this tea

Oh my gosh. I bought this tea and drank my first cup in the late afternoon. By evening I was having the worst stomach cramps and diarrhea. I belatedly looked at the ingredients and the first one is senna leaves. During internet research I discovered that some individuals may experience discomfort or cramping after using senna products. Also the following admonition – don’t take senna for more than a week or so or your body could end up relying on it to contract your bowels.

Side effects can include:
*intestinal cramps or gripping pains
*severe weight loss

Senna should not be used by persons with Crone’s disease, Diverticular disease and other similar diseases.

Senna is not a daily or causal supplement and excessive use can cause liver damage.

I wanted to die my insides hurt so bad. Any weight loss you may accomplish with this tea may not be worth the pain. Be aware before you use. I threw my remaining 29 tea bags away!

HarryJefferson, TX

It works!

I dont take it to lose weight, this is a laxative tea, as all the ones labeled “weight loss tea” .I’m very constipated and taking this tea everyday has helped me very much, with no cramps or other negative effects. It’s strong and dont recommend it for ocassional constipation or for losing weight. Warning: when it works you “have” to go.
MeaghanOld Chatham, NY