Uncooked Flour Tortillas Fresca 8 Inch 44 Count In Pack

Flour Tortillas Uncooked 8 in. Flour Tortillas NET WT. LB (73.3 OZ) 2079 g. Made with Canola Oil No Trans Fat that allows you to bake this homemade flour tortilla for the first time, “Ready to bake in Seconds”. Uncooked flour tortillas are the result of a new and unique concept in home cooking. Enjo

Quick facts

  • Enjoy the flavor, texture and freshness that can only be achieved through a homemade product
  • Made with Canola Oil – No Trans Fat
  • No cholesterol and low in saturated fat

Top reviews

They Added Sugar

Tortilla Land added sugar to their tortillas recently. With obesity and diabetes on the rise in this country, I am disappointed Tortilla Land would add sugar to their tortillas. Tortilla Land can no longer claim their tortillas are healthy. Tortilla Land have integrity and get rid of the sugar.
EllyKeota, IA

Simply the BEST!!!!

I had bought these Tortillas first at Sam’s Club in Yuma, AZ and fell in LOVE with them. When we moved to the East coast I couldn’t find them…ANYWHERE. I was so happy to find that Amazon carries them. They are worth every penny you pay for the shipping. Once you have them, it is hard to go back to regular tortillas. One of my favorites is simply cooking one in the pan and then spreading a little butter once it is done….YUM!! I usually split the package and freeze half.
BorisElkville, IL

I will never buy regular tortillas again

These are the yummiest flour tortillas I have ever tasted. They taste like they are freshly made at your favorite Mexican restaurant. However the price listed here is ridiculous. After shipping you are looking at $23. Are they worth it? Yes, if you have money to burn and you want fresh tasting tortillas without having to make them yourself. However, I picked these same guys up at Costco for $6.99 or so a package. I bought two packages and stuck one in the freezer. Unless you are desperate skip these guys and find a warehouse store that carries them.
MarcelinoStuart, OK

You can now find them

Circle Foods the creators of Tortillaland has added a store locator on their site becasue so many people were asking where they can buy them in addition to Amazon. If there is a location in your town you can find it at […]. If not you can buy them here.
RoccoMosier, OR

Best tortillas around!

I used to buy these at Costco when I lived in Denver. However, in the Midwest they are not available and so I was so happy to finally be able to buy them online because they are hands down the best tortillas I’ve ever had. Once you have these, you’ll never buy the store ones again. I freeze them in small batches and just take out what we’d go through in a week or so for the fridge, they freeze wonderful. They only take a couple minutes to heat and cook on the stove and are well worth it!
JacquelynnNitro, WV

tortilla land uncooked tortillas

These tortillas come in packs of either 44 or 36 and also double packs. They come frozen and don’t leave them in the fridge too long, because they have no preservatives. You just toss them on an iron skillet with no spray or anything, flip them over after they form bubbles, cook a few seconds more, and you have the closest thing to home made tortillas I have ever tasted. They are the best. each the same size and the same thickness. So yummy I absolutely love these!
MissBloomfield, MT

Mmm! Good!

I have a yeast allergy along with allergies to mold and soy. This product has nothing in it that would be harmful to me; it is also quite delicious. I only wish my local Costco still carried it.
DouglasDamar, KS


I have been buying this product from Costco for years. My mother in law introduced me to this product and she had been buying them for years before that. I recently moved to a small city where there is no Costco so I will have to buy this product online soon. I haven’t bought it from this vendor yet so I can’t say how it will be but I can say this product is AMAZING. Its nothing like the stale precooked tortillas you can but in every grocery store. Best of all it only has a handful of ingredients each one that I can pronounce!
MallieMoffett, OK

How to say “Yummy” in Spanish?

I found these by accident. I WAS shopping for tortillas, but never dreamed I’d find them in a raw state. They taste so good when you cook them yourself; rather than simply reheating the store bought, ‘cooked’ ones. Why didn’t I ever think of this before? And they freeze wonderfully – although package recommends against it; it worked out well for me. DON’T microwave however, that’s a bad idea. Be patient and cook the tortilla on a griddle or cast iron skillet; it only takes about three minutes to get puffy, big, brown blisters … how do you say “Yummy” in Spanish? Well worth the time and money. They are HOME MADE. I’ll be hard pressed to find a tortilla I like as much. Muchos Gracias, Tortilaaland!
InesNelliston, NY

i love these

love these but, could only find them at gelsons in pasadena. they are delicious and a bargain at this price.
GilmaKellyton, AL

Next best thing to home-made

Title says it all. Aside from making them at home or getting them from your Abuela, they don’t get any better.
OpheliaBelspring, VA

Staple food

This uncooked tortialla used to be our staple food when we lived in Az. But here in NJ, it is not available in Costcos or any other grocery chains (strange!). I even tried to influance Costco to stock it, with no luck. I found this on line. Although it significantly more expensive, ie., 2X (than Costco, when shipping is counted), I am buying it from Amazon, in two’s. Throw one in the freezer and one in the fridge. Good tuff!!
LorieWest Brooklyn, IL

Can’t get enough

We moved from Colorado to Massachusetts and have been in a serious Mexican food withdrawal stage for almost a year. My husband and I reasoned that if we could get the basic ingredients for a Mexican meal, we could make restaurant-quality food at home. So, we tried these tortillas in our quest for ingredients resembling those that we could get out west. These tortillas are so good! We can’t get enough and there’s always a package open in our refrigerator (we freeze the unopened ones). These have helped us cope with our longing for real Mexican food. They’re worth every penny.
HwaDurango, IA

These tortillas are AWESOME!!!

Had these tortillas for the first time in Albuquerque several weeks ago and tried to find them in our area once i got home searching in every store but with total disappointment couldn’t find them anywhere. Finally, checked online and found them on Amazon!! They are a little pricey online, but totally worth it if you need to appease your craving. None other will compare. Just got them the other day and had to fry a couple for myself right away and drizzled them with honey. YUM – Oh what a delight!!! Totally amazing!! Love them! These are THE best! Thank you Amazon and MexGrocer!
CharisLehigh Valley, PA


Looked all over the place for these locally and couldn’t find them… so I splurged on these and am so glad. My kids ask for them almost daily and I have no problem heating up the griddle and throwing a few on. They cook up bubbly and soft and I’ve used them for tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas, and salads. Very good and arrived less than 36 hours after I ordered! I froze one package and have the other in the fridge.
LynnLyons, OH

A+ the best

My family ran a Mexican restaurant for 40 years and I can attest that these are GREAT. Buy a griddle and these tortillas and never look back.

Mex Grocer is great too. On my first order they sent along a few samples of their other products. I’m hooked.

RosauraTemperanceville, VA

Uncooked Tortilla is the best.

I first tasted this at a niece’s home in Los Angeles and was blown away, and bought 2 frozen packs from Costco. When I returned home. None of the Costco in New Jersey carried it,so I tried Amazon.com and found it. It is more expensive, but I have no choice. Uncooked tortilla can be cooked as crepe with chocholate coating and sliced banana and strawberry, or, cooked for lunch with any of your favorite fillings. My favorite is thinly sliced roast beef, spices, and fresh roman lettuce.
EstherAdvance, IN