Unilever Bestfoods Knorr Boullion Vegetable – 2.12 ounce each — 24 Per Case

Unilever Bestfoods Knorr Boullion Vegetable – 2.12 ounce each — 24 Per Case Serving size: 25 gram Serving per Container: 12

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  • 2.1 Ounces

Top reviews

Knorr ought to be ashamed of themselves

I wish that the food companies would treat their customers with respect by not putting unhealthy ingredients in their products. These bouillon cubes contain not only an inordinate amount of sodium but MSG as well. And then as an added bonus they threw in some hydrogenated oil. WHAT are they thinking when they pump this garbage out and box it up? Hey Knorr – if we all end up too sick to work from eating this kind of so-called food, we won’t have any money to give you. If your conscience won’t cause you to use wholesome ingredients maybe the thought of losing out on sales will.
CaroylnLittle Falls, MN


Tastes great, but MSG? Really? I will have to make my own stock or find a company that does not use this unhealthy ingredient. C’mon Knorr, you can make a fantastic bouillon without it!
JodyRichfield Springs, NY

Worth a look

Tastes great, makes a nice flavor with veggies for a simple soup. I use it frequently as a booster with my vita mix for extra flavor. It may not be super healthy or whatnot but if your like me and cant stand reduced sodium or low fat canned soup because they are flavorless give this a shot I think you would be pleasantly surprised.
LedaDewitt, IL


I have used these vegetable bullions as part of many recipes for a long time. I used to purchase this from the local grocery store, and started to purchase it on Amazon when they stopped carrying it. Great taste and vegetarian alternative when recipes ask for chicken or beef bouillons.
CindiDrayton Plains, MI

Next Best Thing to “From Scratch”

I usually make my own chicken stock from scratch, but sometimes what I’ve got on hand isn’t enough to fill the pot. When that happens, this is my go-to bouillon. It’s also great for when you get to the bottom of a big pot of soup, and it’s super thick. Adding a little of this vegetable stock can stretch out that last bit without sacrificing flavor. I’ve tried a lot of different chicken bouillons, but none of them have the wonderful flavor this vegetable one does. This is also the only bouillon I will drink straight, when I’m feeling sick. It’s delicious!

The sodium in this is comparable to other bouillons, and MSG (in some form, frequently listed as “autolyzed yeast extract”) is in pretty much every canned soup and stock out there. Very few people are actually sensitive to it, or they would have gotten sick every time they ate Campbell’s soup as a kid. But they see the scary letters and get alarmed. It’s just silly.

While I do think you should try to keep processing foods like this to a minimum because of the high sodium levels, a little bit here and there won’t hurt you. Fast food and processed meals like TV dinners and Top Ramen are far worse. Practice moderation in all things and you will be fine. 🙂

JeanineOxford, KS