Urbani Summer Truffles Puree, .875-Ounce Tubes

Made with Truffles and Oil – Contrary to most of the products available on the market there are no mushrooms in the Truffle paste. The production of the summer truffle cream is essentially justified by the extreme practicality in its use. In this case, black truffles are ready to use, finely minced as they should be.Just add them to oil, salt, pepper, and a touch of garlic to obtain the traditional sauce for canapés, pasta, meat, and fish and it’s also perfect for the famous black truffle omelette, which will be even better with a dash of dry white wine.

Quick facts

  • Tha black truffle puree is made with tuber aestivum vitt, this kind of puree is perfect with the summer truffle omelette.

Top reviews

Truffles or fillers?

This truffle puree product really lacked the strong truffle flavor i was expecting. I did not understand why, when they are sold in packs of three (25g x 3), the recipe attached, although i did not use, asked for 200g of truffle puree. (That would mean 8 tubes of puree). I would stick with whole truffles in it’s juices over the truffle puree.
EmeldaReamstown, PA