Utz Cheese Balls Barrels – 2 / 35 oz.

35 oz. Barrels of Utz Cheese Balls. You’re having a party, maybe a house full of folks, or just you and the kids. What would be the perfect little tangy mouthful to serve? The answer is clear, Utz Cheese Balls.

Quick facts

  • 35 oz. container
  • O.U.D. Branded Kosher
  • With real cheese
  • No Cholesterol
  • Perfect snack for kids!

Top reviews

Utz Cheese Balls Barrels – 2 / 35 oz. is misleading

I just want to warn the buyers that the title “Utz Cheese Balls Barrels – 2 / 35 oz.” does not mean that you will get 2 packs. It’s only one pack and -2 is misleading. I would recommend seller to change the title of this product as “Utz Cheese Balls Barrels – 35 oz.”. You can get the single container for $11 as well. I really thought I was getting 2 containers.

Though we love cheeseballs.

GudrunAlba, PA

cheesy goodness

I used to eat these things all the time in college… man those were the days. Anyway, I was thoroughly pleased with my shipment of cheese balls, even though I ended up eating way too many of them since I have no willpower. If you love cheese balls these Utz barrels are for you!
MikeFayette, OH

Perfect Substitute

These are as good as Planter’s Cheese Balls which were discontinued a few years back. My husband was recently looking for the original in the store and purchased a store brand of cheese balls which were extremely salty. The container keeps them nice and crisp even in the humidity of the Pacific NW.
JoyaWayne, NY

Utz Cheese Balls Barrels

I bought it because I like to save the containers to store dog treats in. The cheese balls are good & the barrels are gigantic. I didn’t realize how big 35 oz. would be. But it was a good price at the time. I think the price increased since then but will more than likely decrease again. I froze one of the tubs because we’ll take awhile to finish the first one.
StephanVerda, LA