Utz Honey Wheat Braided Twist Pretzels Barrel, 26 Ounce

What’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys? Take it from us, it’s a barrel full of Utz pretzels – and when these guys get loose, you’ll be the one swinging from the curtains!

Quick facts

  • Product Fill Weight 26 oz.
  • 100% Utz-Standingly delicious guarantee!
  • Made to be remembered with over 90 years of snack making perfection!

Top reviews

Awesomely good stuff!

Utz Honey Wheat Braided Pretzel Twists are a great snack to keep on hand for a little guilt-free munching. They have a wonderful, mild sweet and salty crunch. With 0g trans fat, no saturated fat and no cholesterol, you’ll want to keep them on hand.

I absolutely love the packaging. It’s very convenient to put out when you have company over, keeps leftovers fresh (Leftovers? What leftovers?), and when you’re all done, it’s great for storing sewing supplies, little toys, or even a jar to save change for a rainy day!

ObduliaPukalani, HI

Great Product

Love the product – don’t know why it’s not on the shelf at Sam’s anymore. Fast shipment.
MirthaSchaghticoke, NY

light snack

It’s a low fat alternative to all the high calorie[no good for you]snacks that are on the market and in addition it’s taste is very satisfying.To say anymore would be gilding a lily
LinaFisherville, KY

Shoprite brand

guess what? the shoprite brand braided twists honey wheat pretzels are the exact same thing! They must use Utz as a supplier for them. There is NO DIFFERENCE, I promise…so start saving and buy the shoprite ones at half price!
VirgieSpring Lake, MI

Hard to fine but worth the effort

These pretzels are so good. I used to buy them in my local grocery store but they discontinued carrying them. Amazon came through and I thank them dearly. These pretzels have the best flavor and crunch!
CarynAbbeville, LA