Valentina Salsa Picante Mexican Hot Sauce, 12 oz.

Hot chile sauce with spices.

Quick facts

  • Available in 12 and 34 ounces
  • Is a hot chili sauce with spices
  • Is a Mexican hot sauce

Top reviews

Great product.

The product is great, I used to get it at Wal-Mart…but they quit selling it. Shipping and handling is twice as much as the product – that kind of annoys me, but I ordered anyway.
TasiaMiddleburg, OH

Too much vinegar in this variety. The “extra hot” version (look for a black background on the label) is much better

Warning: there is a significant differences between the regular Valentina reviewed here (a yellow background on the label) and the “extra hot” version (black background on the label).

The regular variety of Valentina hot sauce is heavily laden with vinegar. Yet, if you like a lot of vinegar in your hot sauce, you might really like this one. It tastes very much like Frank’s hot sauce or even the original Tabasco hot sauce (once diluted). Unless you like a heavy dose of vinegar, this variety is Not Recommended. But keep in mind that a lot of vinegar is what many Americans are used to and may actually prefer.

The “extra hot” version is much better balanced in my view. The vinegar is in the background and while this variety is a tiny bit hotter – it is far from being “extra hot”.

To tell the two versions apart – keep in mind that the regular variety has a light yellow background on the label while the so-called “extra hot” version has a black background on the label. In very small type, on the “extra hot” variety, you will see the words “extra hot” but that is easy to miss. Use the label background to tell the two versions apart.

Make no mistake, the two versions of this sauce are worlds apart. The regular version has a heavy vinegar taste and the hotter version, which is not much hotter, is far better balanced in my view. See my review of the “extra hot” variety for more comments.

ElodiaWaller, TX

A very good alternative to Cholula

This is a great Mexican hot sauce. It’s very cheap at Walmart. It tastes similar to Cholula hot sauce, which is much more expensive. It does not taste like Frank’s Red Hot. I dunno what’s up with that reviewer’s taste buds. It has a slight chipolte pepper taste and is darker red compared to Cholula.

Overall: highly recommended.

MyWoodbridge, VA

Similar to Frank’s Hot Sauce

This is a much cheaper substitute for Frank’s Hot Sauce. The tastes are very close. Tabasco is mostly heat to me. I like being able to put sauce on Mexican or Cajun food for the flavor. With Tabasco I find a sprinkle gives the heat but there is too little to really flavor the dish. Valentina is great added to enchilada sauce. I like the vinegar addition to tomato sauce and cumin.
JinnyLog Lane Village, CO

A pleasant hot sauce

For quite some time, I have been using different types of hot sauce on different types of food. Before I started doing this, I only ever remember using hot sauce on barbeque sandwiches. Even though I have tried numerous types of hot sauce during this period, Valentina Salsa Picante Mexican Hot Sauce has set itself apart from the others. It has a good flavor and is neither too hot nor too mild. This is a product that I can recommend.
BobGays Creek, KY

good stuff

I copied this from a post I wrote on my blog a while back. I only changed the price to XX.

This has become my preferred hot sauce. I had never heard of the brand before but saw it on the shelf at WalMart maybe a year ago and bought a small bottle to try. I really like it so it is now what I use mostly as hot sauce, several times a day usually. It comes in regular and extra hot. I have tried both and prefer the extra hot, although it is not that hot. It is about right for me. I go through a bottle or 2 a month.

Ingredients: Water, Chili Peppers, Vinegar, Salt, Spices, 0.1% sodium benzoate as a preservative.

As an added bonus, the 1 liter bottles are <$XX. Made in Mexico. it comes in a smaller bottle as well, but I get the 1 liter size. I have one at work and one at home.

RenatoMaxwell, NM

Love this sauce

This is just so delicious. We consider food just a vehicle for this sauce. Not too spicy, has a nice flavor and the large bottle is huge! I bought a jar for my husband for Hanukkah (yes, there will be Valentina flavored latkes this year). We cannot find it where we live and are grateful it is on Amazon. The shipping was super fast and the bottle was wrapped very well to prevent breaking. Thank you.
EloiseYates Center, KS

Una Salsa muy Salsa

this in the only way i can get this salsa in japan. thank you very much for providing this product.
ReathaBelton, SC

Awesome Sauce

A coworker from El Paso turned me on to this. His whole family eats this and I can definitely understand why now. It’s great if you like hot sauce and not as expensive as some others I also like.
VirgilioHill City, ID