Valsugana Polenta, 13.2-Ounce Boxes

Polenta Valsugana brings to the table the pleasure of being together. It is a food tradition that refers to the country, to large families gathered around the hearth to share a meal. In Italy, polenta has always been one of the most common dishes, as it is delicious, easy to prepare, satisfying, and suitable for every eater from the old to the very young. Thanks to these attributes polenta has been widely used in cooking and has become synonymous with sharing and joy. Originally preparation times were very long and required at least one hour of cooking. Today Polenta Valsugana can bring the pleasure of a long tradition to the table effortlessly in just a few minutes.

Quick facts

  • Traditional Italian dish
  • The easy way to make polenta, ready in just a few minutes
  • Gluten free
  • Made with all natural ingredients
  • Product of Italy

Top reviews

Why Settle For Less Than The Best?

In the past, I had tried to prepare other brands of polenta (dry mix or the ‘tube’), but always ended up with a lumpy, sour-tasting porridge, no matter how much water I used or how diligently I stirred the pot while cooking. I resigned myself to the fact that I was unable to master the proper polenta-cooking-technique and had to be satisfied with ordering it as a side dish in pricey restaurants. About 15 years ago, I happened to be shopping in my local gourmet food shoppe and spotted the now-familiar yellow box and decided “what the heck, I’ll give Valsuga Polenta a try”. From that day forward, my family and I became ‘home-made-polenta-converts’…Valsuga consistently cooks up quickly, never lumps and always tastes sweet and fresh as a good polenta should. Sadly, my local supply dried up when the gourmet shoppe closed, but I was relieved to discover this product was offered on Amazon. The price is right, the product is fabulous: whats not to like? I’ll keep buying my Valsuga Polenta from Amazon!
MarcelLawn, TX


I’m 100% Italian and in the past always used the traditional polenta which takes approx. 1/2 hour to cook. The stirring is tedious and so often the boiling/simmering polenta will bubble and pop and burn your hands during the stirring. I then discovered Valsugana polenta which I believe tastes every bit as good as the old fashioned type and with much quicker cooking time (5 minutes)reducing the possibility of painful burns from the bubbling polenta. It is fairly difficult to find Valsugana in stores near me, so I usually order a case of 12 packages from Amazon which allows me to always have a box on hand.
EstaAlbion, RI


My husband has been craving polenta the way he remembered it as a boy. I made some yesterday using this brand and he raved. I did use a “secret” Swiss-Italian method, delicious!
VioletteYuma, CO

Valsugana Polenta

Friends from Italy now living here wanted to purchase polenta and I told them I would check Amazon and showed them several options. They picked this brand since they used it in Italy and are very pleased with it.
PeggieWard Cove, AK

Fantastic Polenta

We bought this after getting tired of Trader Joe’s pre-made polenta in a tube. This is super easy to prepare, tastes great and makes having polenta a few times a week simple. You can also make one third of a package at a time which makes it very economical as one third of a package is more than enough for two as a side dish.
RefugioMacon, IL

Good price for good product

Beside this product we tried 3 others corn flour for cooking polenta. We like this corn flour because of its better texture. As well, the price here is more reasonable compare to the groceries that we used to buy it from.
JanaWinn, MI