Valsugana Polenta Ready to Eat, 17.6-Ounce Boxes

Although pizza and pasta are mainstays of what we consider Italian cuisine, the third staple in the Italian food trinity is polenta. Dating back to roman days, this cornmeal based product has traditionally been very time consuming to prepare. All natural, low in fat and a cornerstone of the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet, American consumers are discovering a taste for polenta.

Quick facts

  • Polenta is not associated with sauces that are too fat, polenta is a dish that is easily digestible even by the elderly.
  • Polenta contains iron, phosphorus and Vitamins A and PP. These are the values that make a portion (about 80 gr of flour) of polenta compared to the daily need of the single components of our diet.

Top reviews

Very easy to use

Just be aware that you need to add flavor to this with foods or flavored oils and you will like it a lot. Very easy to use.
MaireCanal Winchester, OH