Van Houtte APPLE CARAMEL PIE Coffee – 18 k-cups

Fall means comfort food and homemade desserts. At Van Houtte, it also means a new tempting flavored coffee, reminiscent of warm apple pie, covered with rich and creamy caramel…totally decadent!

Quick facts

  • Includes 18 single-cup servings (K-Cups)
  • Designed for use in Keurig brewing systems
  • Offers the ease of making coffee 1 cup at a time

Top reviews


When I saw that someone had brought in some of this coffee for us at work (along with a shiny, beautiful new Keurig machine), I was pretty eager to try this, even more so after I realized that it was coffee and not a cider. (And therefore “safe” for my diet.)

I have to say that I’m more than mildly disappointed by this. As just a regular basic cup of coffee it’s not bad, but you don’t really get that much of an apple or caramel flavor here, let alone a mixture of the two. It’s really just the lightest of flavors, which will disappoint anyone looking for a more pronounced taste. This is very much in opposition to other Keurig cup flavors such as the pumpkin spice cup where you can really taste the spice. (I know it’s by different people, but this is more to highlight that it is possible to put more flavor in the coffee.)

I’ve waffled between 2-3 stars and finally settled on 3 because while the flavor is barely there, it’s still a decent cup of coffee. It’s just that if you’re buying a whole pack of this specifically because you want the taste of an apple caramel pie without the calories, you’re not really going to find this here. It’s something that I wouldn’t be upset to find in a pack with other coffee cups, but it’s not anything that I’d go out of my way to purchase by itself.

ShakitaRiderwood, MD

Tastes fine, but not very caramel apple-y

This wasn’t bad for coffee, but the flavor isn’t very strong. If you add enough sweetener, it brings up the flavor, but if you’re not a fan of sweet coffee (like me), then it’s maybe not the best choice.
LacyEmlyn, KY