vanilla sea salt – 3.8 oz

Vanilla is not only the world’s most popular flavor but it is also the most ‘agreeable’ flavor.  Vanilla enhances other flavors and just makes everything a little tastier.  Faerie creates our vanilla sea salt by infusing our hand-harvested sal do mar sea salt with the richest pure vanilla flavor. For even more vanilla flavor, use vanilla sea salt with our vanilla peppercorns. Faerie uses coarse sal do mar sea salt for all our flavored sea salts.  This clean tasting Portuguese sea salt is the perfect backdrop for our great flavors.  Although you may enjoy the added ‘crunch’ of coarse sea salts we recommended grinding our flavored sea salts to release the maximum amount of flavor into your food.

Quick facts

  • an unusual flavor combination that is delicious on tomatoes.
  • Try on fresh melon for a taste treat.
  • for more vanilla flavor, use with vanilla peppercorns
  • available in a grinder and three refill sizes.
  • Order more than $25 and shipping is FREE !!!!!

Top reviews

Unexpected combination is FANTASTIC!

Faerie’s Finest Vanilla Sea Salt was a recent birthday gift. Since I opened it (the version I have came in a refillable grinder) I have been grinding Vanilla Sea Salt on everything.

As one is grinding the salt, the smell of vanilla drifts up and is quite soothing and intriguing. The flavor, once incorporated into food, is very mild. It is not a “dessert”-y vanilla flavor, due to the sea salt, but when sampled in a bowl of hearty turkish chicken-lemon-egg-rice soup the vanilla smoothed out the lemon flavor a bit- made it almost silky and buttery rather than tart (I put in a little too much lemon this go around)… I had filet mignon and sprinkled a little of the vanilla sea salt on the filet and I think that vanilla sea salt was made for this purpose… Absolute perfection!

Fantastic blend, fantastic packaging. I’m one happy salt fanatic!

HollisMayfield, KS