Vegan Raweo Heavenly Chai-7 ozs.

“Heavenly Chai Raweo by Blessing’s Alive and Radiant Foods (9 PACK) NOW VEGAN! Sandwich style cookie with traditional chai on outside and aromatic sweet chai cream filling. Blessing’s Cookies are very popular raw food cookies for a reason, they taste great! Enjoy the great flovors and the great healthy ingredents!!! Now totally VEGAN with raw agave nectar. Ingredients: Soaked almond*, cashew*, raw honey or raw agave nectar*, coconut *, Chai essence* * organic Gluten-Free Organically grown in acc. with the CA. Organic Foods Act of 1990 Net. Wt.: 7.5 oz (212 g) 9 Pack

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Not that great

These cookies look very cool and smell divine. I spent a good minute just inhaling the opened package as the chai spice really comes through. However the taste… leaves a lot to be desired. It’s great that it’s not too sweet, but there’s a slight, unexpected bitterness to it that detracts from the cookie. The consistency of the center is strangely the same as the consistency of the outer layers. It looks like a beautiful cookie, but tastes more like a not very successful nutritional bar of some kind. It was all right, but I won’t be ordering more.
KeithMaybrook, NY