Vegemite 380g Jar

Help your family stay bright and alert with a daily intake of essential B vitamins found in vegemiteVitamin B is important for the:Release of Energy from foodsGrowth & Development of healthy skinProper functioning of the nervous system, muscles & brain

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Unfortunately, Vegemite will not be a regular find in our home. The taste is quite unusual. It needs to be acquired and no one has any interest in acquiring it.
AdinaWeesatche, TX

99$ What the heck?

For the record, my review is not about the taste of Vegemite, I understand that it is an acquired taste. “like it or not”. My complaint is about the price of this product in particular, 99$. Who in the right mind would pay 99$ for this! There better be gold shavings, ambrosia, and ground Rhino horns in this 99$ jar of Vegemite. To top it off, there is a deal to get four 150g jars of Vegemite for $38 on Amazon from the same seller of the same exact product and brand. Hmm. . . 600g for 38$, 1800g for 115$ or 400g for 99$? Seriously though, what the heck is with this pricing Kraft?

I may be wrong for assuming this, but the other reviews I have read for this product are for Vegemite in general, which does deserve 4~5 stars. This particular product however deserves a 1 and for good reasons.

VivienSalineno, TX

Only grandma would eat it!

I was sent a small jar of Vegemite by my Australian friend, who was eager for me to experience one of her favorite foods. If you don’t like salty things–which I don’t–then this is definitely not a product for you! A few people tried it–very little of it–and everyone pronounced it disgusting. Everyone except 86 yr old Gr’ma, who spread it on a cracker, ate it, and proclaimed it “not too tasty but edible”. I think that about sums it up.
ErinRoseville, IL

Vegemite is Vegemite – exempt from review 🙂

Okay so I only just thought to put Vegemite in the amazon search box – and found I could buy it. I have to say, as an Aussie I think it is hilarious to be reviewing Vegemite…:) I mean it is not like they are going to change it – maybe they will add it to a few more things like they have to cheese slices, crackers (aka bikkies etc). But we would revolt!!! Vegemite is vegemite (and we are Happy Little Vegemites) so, I mean sorry to all the Americans who keel over dead at the taste…So I think people can review for entertainment purposes only. I mean my friend thinks it is something they scrape out of beer barrels (he he). I am just glad there is another place to replenish in case of emergencies. Go Aussie Go!!
GretchenChurch Point, LA

Makes me feel so good

Thanks Mate. Boy thoes Aussies really know what they are doing when it comes to digestion. No more heartburn or indigestion, I sleep like a baby. Another product from amazon that they will have to pry out of my cold dead hands. I give it too my husband, dog, grown children, grown grands and baby greatgrands. Good for everybody. I take it right off of the spoon in a little ball about 1/4 teaspoon full and wash it down with Organic Milk from amazon of course. I don’t understand how anyone can live without shopping on amazon especially with the messed up economy.
CelenaOceanside, NY

Call me a convert

I was frightened by my breakfast today. Vegemite on buttered toast. Yes, I had researched the traditional way to eat it. But still… I was scared. I faced my fear. I opened the jar. I stared down the thick, dark, brown, gooey goo. I took a spoon and took control. I spooned out a tiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnny bit. Tiny. I put it on the edge of my toast. I made a face. I took a bite. I smiled. In dismay. In pleasure. I picked up the spoon again and commanded the brown goo to give me more more more. Well, still sparingly, but, nevertheless… more. I used no more than 1/2 teaspoon on my slice of toast. I had a second slice with another almost 1/2 teaspoon. I updated my Facebook status. People replied in curiosity, in fellowship or in disgust. Or all of the above. About an hour later I craved it again, and I indulged again. Between waking and dinnertime, three slices with that just-less-than-one-half-teaspoonful of Vegemite was all I consumed, and, I swear, I was pleasantly satiated all day and full of energy. Can’t wait until breakfast tomorrow! 🙂 (Standard disclaimer: I’ve been vegetarian for almost 18 years. This had an almost beefy taste. Salty, beefy, vegan, lots of B vitamins. Yum.)
CameronBorrego Springs, CA

Advance Vegemite Fair

I assumed vegemite was something else (and even more disgusting). But yes, it does have the reputation for “tasting funny”, at least outside Aussie.

It’s good to know that all Aussies stuck in the 48 contiguous states (still don’t know what that means) can buy this bizarre grocery straight from

I’m sure it will enhance the taste of the fried kangaroo, the roasted wombat or the boiled bunyip your Aussie mate will take home from his hunt around the campfire.

Just don’t expect to find this in Brooklyn.

JodeeTipton, IN

In other words – it’s Marmite

Well I tried Vegemite at a friends house, and guess what – it’s Marmite made in Australia.
Great stuff, love it with cheddar cheese. and you can certainly use it to flavour dishes The Marmite Cookbook. Paul Hartley
I don’t know why, but there must be some sort of connection with cricket (the game, not the insect). It seems to be enjoyed in those countries where cricket is played. Do they sell it in India??
NathanaelFisher, MN

It’s all a matter of taste…

I ordered it for my son who wanted to try it thinking it’s like peanut butter…. but oh my GOD it looks like, smells like and tastes like beef bouillon EXACTLY… now how can you eat that like a spread? go figure. So the conclusion is, I don’t regret getting it for my son to try but do regret spending so much money on getting the biggest size… now we’re stuck with 800g of “beef bouillon” I paid over $20 for and have nothing to with it…

Good luck with your experiment !

GoldenOrrtanna, PA

Australia’s healthiest export

Vegemite Vegemite 400g Jaris practically unknown in North America, but I’ll bet there is no one is Australia of an ethnicity who has never heard of Vegemite, and of those who have, almost everyone will have some at home. Every restaurant and side of the road eatery carries it. It comes in tubes, jars, and little packets like jams and butter substitutes do in the US. It is Vegemite, the concentrated yeast extract spread that goes on most slices of bread or toast Down Under. Dark brown to be almost black, it has a strong taste, so if you’re a novice, spread it thin. Americans who try Vegemite fall into two categories: those who hate it or love it immediately. Don’t take my word for it, check it out online: there is no better sourse for B vitamins than Vegemite. If your are used to nothing other than peanut butter and jam on your bread and toast, you are ready for a change, a change for a low-calorie healthy product that you won’t be able to stop talking about. It’s flavour is unique; it’s closest cousin is the British and New Zealand Marmite, though similar, is not the same. Ordering it in the US is more expensive than getting it Oz, but it is a sacrifce that I am happy to make just to have it on the table.
JackMilanville, PA

A fave breakfast spread for my husband!

After looking around at specialty stores in my locale, I realized that I could buy Vegemite for less through Amazon’s food distribution. I bought 2 jars for my husband, for Hanukkah – he was thrilled! Next best thing to returning to Australia & bringing some back in our luggage! Wish Amazon carried the larger sized jar!
RaymondBaylis, IL

I just adore my Vegemite!

I was a little leery about trying Vegemite…it has such bad press outside of Australia, but I find I absolutely love it. It is extremely salty, slightly beerish and very savoury. So far I have mostly consumed it with bread and butter…but I have already started taking tastes straight from the jar. I also find I like it better with whole wheat bread than white.

I think the main challenge for the uninitiated is that it looks like it might be sweet. It is not sweet at all and you should use it very sparingly mixed with plenty of butter, at least at first.

Sadly, my husband also likes it and my supply is dwindling rapidly. I wish they sold it in a larger size.

VashtiWestphalia, IA

For Aussies and die-hard Aussie-Fans

So apparently Australians spread Vegemite on their bread slices. The Germans think it’s Nutella before realizing that it is FAR from it. I would never put it on my bread because you have to grow up with it to LOVE it. I have put it on a hard-boilt egg and then it’s quite pleasant. I gave it 5 stars because everybody should get a jar and let their friends taste it for the fun of it. It’s a yeast spread and it tastes very salty.
DannetteLa Pine, OR

love it, but acquired taste

Had it during a visit to Australia and wasn’t sure. Bought a small jar to take home. Developed a taste for it and now really love it, plus lots of B vitamins.
LilianTecumseh, MI

Never fails

it’s Vegemite, it’s good and it’s available in America. It gets to the point where you don’t care how much it costs, as long as you have it.
CraigEureka, KS


Well, this product isn’t a big success outside Australia and New Zealand. It’s made of yeast and has a strong flavour, but still I like it 🙂
BrittniBlissfield, OH

Highly addictive!

I picked up the taste for Vegemite while living in Australia for school. When I came home to the US, it was VERY hard to find, and I tried to supplement Marmite for my vegemite addiction. Although Marmite is yummy, too, it is not Vegemite. I was so excited to find it in a local store here in the States, and I’ve been keeping a good stock ever since.

It is definitely an acquired taste, but once you’ve acquired it, you are hooked for life! I keep a few jars in my pantry at all times, and buy a new jar when I finish one, so there’s always several jars available in case of another “Vegemite shortage” in the US. Sounds weird, but it’s really THAT addictive! ; My husband thought I was crazy over my vegemite obsession and refused to even try it because he didn’t like the smell, but I finally got him to give it a go, and now he’s hooked, too.

If you like salty foods, it’s worth trying. You may want one of the little 150 gram jars for your first Vegemite experience, as rumor has it that most Americans don’t like it at all. It’s definitely worth trying, though, and if you don’t like it on your toast (or my fave — on apple slices), you can add it to soups and stews to give them a “meaty” flavor. We also love it as “Vegemite Spaghetti” — a quick, tasty and easy meal (recipe is online).

I’m so glad it’s available in Amazon. My household could not live without it! We are happy little Vegemites!

And as a bonus, I was told in Australia that liking Vegemite makes you an honorary Australian. 😉

AbramWadesboro, NC

just cannot live without it

when I ran low and could not find it at any store in the region, found it out of stock at most online stores I searched, in desperation I would take the empty jar and inhale its fragrance to try to scratch that vegemite itch. Sad.

I’d already used my finger to scrape out as much goodness as possible, and not being able to find another supplier was really tragic. I almost cried a couple of times. Honestly. I even tried to pretend Marmite was the same and it just isn’t and was almost crying again for missing the real thing so bad.

Thank goodness Amazon sells it even if it’s quadruple the price it should be. When you’re desperate for it I guess you pay the price for what keeps that rose on your cheek, lol.

FreedaConasauga, TN

an aquired taste but well worth the effort

Vegemite is not for everyone…it is an aquired taste and not everyone will make the effort…which is good since that means there is more for those of us who love this stuff and are addicted to its salty flavor on toast or by itself. I like eating Vegemite along with a grilled plantain for both the sweet and salty flavors…great with shrimp crackers as well.
MyungRyegate, MT

vastly overpriced, quality product

This product costs way too much in the USA and Canada.
Compared to the price in Australia, it is 4x what it should be.
Somebody in Australia should make a business selling products from down under.
I smell collusion in pricing.
LaurynGrayridge, MO

Strong flavor, acquired taste for sure

I decided to try the spread after hearing about if on community channel on youtube. Dont like it! Very strong, biter taste. Not my cup of tea
KatelinYorkshire, NY

‘Twas love at first bite

After being curious about Marmite and Vegemite for decades, I finally got up the nerve this January to try them both. The Marmite arrived first and, while I enjoy it, immediately got pushed to the back of the cupboard upon the arrival of the Vegemite. Oh, sweet mystery of life — at last, I’ve found you! Talk about being born in the wrong hemisphere. Like several other American converts who’ve commented, I have to really watch myself with it, or else I’d be layering it on quite thick (or eating too much straight from the jar). My husband tried it against my advice by dipping his finger into the jar (gah!), and I wasn’t surprised when he made a stink-face.

If it weren’t for all the sodium-induced edema (oh to be young again…), I’d eat several tablespoonsful a day. After 6 months, I somehow got my finicky husband to try it again, this time made properly on toast. Yep, I converted him, too. While my usual is on buttered multi-grain toast, I also love Vegemite in grilled cheese as well as topped with avocado (on either toast or toasted bagels). Amazing.

Am I the only one who gets antsy if I haven’t had Vegemite for a few days?

LakitaWest York, IL

I cried a little when I ran out.

One of my friends in Australia wanted to send me some vegemite, but sadly it would not make it through customs. Being an American, my first instinct was to find it on the web – as I was just so curious about the salty spread. When my first bottle bought on Amazon arrived on my doorstep, I was eager to dip into it as soon as possible. I grabbed my crackers and butter, and with the first bite… I thought that I would never taste again. The bottle went back into the pantry, to sit there and collect dust. Vegemite was less of a delicious spread and more of a joke for my roommates beginning with, “Hey! Come try this!”

As I am also a college student, I inevitably ran out of food and was forced to stare at the unassuming yellow jar in my cabinet. I figured I’d try it again, and with a bit of butter on a piece of toast, and I found that I had now developed a liking towards the flavor. I then proceeded to put vegemite in, or on, everything that I possibly could. So, to everyone who is interested in trying vegemite, please understand that it is an acquired taste. Especially if you’re American, and have not had the opportunity to taste similar products in the past.

DenissePfafftown, NC

American Vegemite junkie for 27 years!!!

I went hunting for academic jobs in Australia in 1985. This was right after American media saturation with Men at Work’s “Land Down Under”. So, after going through customs in Sydney I was a bit hungry. I saw a little food stand and one of the things on the menu list was Vegemite Sandwich. So, I thought, “Why Not?”. I was kind of surprised by the first bite. I like salty foods, and by the time I finished the sandwich I was hooked. I brought 4 large size jars back with me. When I finished the third jar back at home, I tried to find a supply. A guy who knew a guy hooked me up with some boutique in New York that was owned by Olivia Newton John and that sold Vegemite. I was saved! Several years later, I moved to Dayton, OH and across from the main gate of Wright-Patterson AFB in downtown Fairborn, there was a little British specialty shop that actually stocked Vegemite. That kept me supplied through most of the early 90s. By the time that the internet had caught on you could go on line and find people (mostly in Australia) who would ship it to you. Now, having the convenience of ordering it from Amazon a jar is only 2 days away. Thanks, Amazon!

If you don’t like salty you probably won’t like Vegemite sandwiches, however, making a sandwich is only one use for Vegemite. I’ve been cooking with the stuff since about 1990. One of my favorites is scrambled eggs, with tomato cubes and a tsp of Vegemite. Used this way, the Vegemite becomes much less concentrated than it does on toast and doesn’t add much more salt than you probably would normally put on eggs. However, what it does add is an incredible flavor boost. Another of my favorites is Vegemite spaghetti. Melt 1/4 stick of butter (or whatever you’re substituting) in a pan and add a tsp of Vegemite and about 1/8 cup of the spaghetti boiling water. Throw the freshly boiled spaghetti into the pan and saute on low heat for about 2 min. Just before turning off the heat, throw in about 1/4 cup Kraft Parmesan/Romano Cheese. Mix well and then serve. Those quantities treat about enough spaghetti for two.

Actually, Vegemite is no more salty than, say, a bullion cube. So, after you understand what Vegemite tastes like (other than salty), you will immediately see why you can substitute a tsp of Vegemite anywhere you might use a bullion cube.

Try it, you will probably like it!

ShelliBethel, MO

MOST delicious – Could NOT live without!

My local store carries a good foreign food selection, but only the 150g Jar of Vegemite…
Last time I was in Australia, I made sure I packed a few BIG jars and a few squeeze tubes to bring home… After SEVERAL flights carrying the stuff (and remaining quite unexploded) and having already arrived at my home airport; the goons at the ‘ignorant’ security administration wanted to confiscate my Vegemite!
After arguing for quite a while, I told them that regardless of what they thought it was, I was clearly NOT leaving without it… and they better get lots of toast because I would be around for a while…
I left with my Vegemite stash intact… I’m glad this large size is now readily available for purchase! The best part is not having to deal with braindead Airport security! 🙂
AlfrediaTyaskin, MD

delicious, as always

The first time I got this from Amazon, it came with an expiry date of like 6 months … Since I am the only one at home that eats it I was not going to finish it all. Anyways, it took my a few more months but I did and it was still in good conditions.
This time, the expiry date was actually for a couple of years so that was a good start. I cannot seem to find Vegemite in many places so when I found it on Amazon I was really happy.
About the product, really not much to say. It is one of those things that either you love it, or you hate it.

But get some bread, butter, cheese and avocado. Do whatever combination you can think of (with vegemite of course) and it will be delicious!

DottieSpring Valley, OH

overstocked or overpriced????

This is so expensive you can get 2 for $6.00 @ Coles this week with bonus flybuys as well… but it is really really yum… catch ya later
LeatriceGraniteville, VT

Another 3 years

Since my dear friend Becky has returned from Down Under and I still love this yeast supplement Vegemite .. Chesymite is good wannabe of Vegemite if you are curious of trying Vegemite except it’s bit more cheesier.
SamuelMonterey, TN