Velveeta, Cheesy Chili Dip, 15oz Glass Jar


Quick facts

  • Cheesy Chili dip from Kraft Velveeta.
  • 15 Oz Jar. Pack of 4.

Top reviews

Canned vomit

Tastes like vomit in a jar. Same goes for the Velveeta Cheese & Salsa Dip. Not to mention it’s h*ll on your dishes.

I poured a little in a bowl and went to enjoy it with some chips. Was able to force down about 5 chips with it before I pushed it away in disgust. I was so repulsed that I couldn’t even handle the dish sitting a couple feet away from me and had to ferry it to the kitchen immediately. Ugh.

LahomaLeckie, WV

love it

I love this dip. Addited to it. Sad that i cant find it anywhere anymore. Don’t like the salsa one though.
JoanneRockford, MN