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The oldest soft drink is still the best!

I’m from Detroit, and I was raised on Vernor’s ginger ale. Once I moved to California, though, I found it difficult to find Vernor’s. It would pop up here and there, and then disappear. I guess without advertising, it just never found a home.

I prefer the plastic bottles, but the ideal size is the 16.9 oz (500 ml) or the one liter. The problem with the two liter size is that it takes one person (me) too long to drink it, letting it go flat.

In any case, Vernor’s is unique in that it is aged in oak for three years, I think. That imparts a great, unique flavor.

I wish it would catch on again, and become available more widely.

(Recently I did see it on sale in Redwood City in California’s Bay Area, south of San Francisco. The next day, it was gone!

ShiraNewburyport, MA

Made in Michigan since 1866

I like “Vernor’s”, and drink it all the time. It is old fashioned drink from Michigan, since 1866, and the labeling was known for its lovely green and gold colors and the gnome character. If you look at the can it is actually called ginger soda instead of ale and is different than typical ginger ale in taste. Vernors has a strong vanilla presence, is smoother and more moist, and sweeter than a ginger ale. It is closer to a cream soda than ginger ale, very good. A ginger ale is more dry, higher in carbonation, and has a spicier bite to it. Vernors has 39 grams sugar per can, versus 33 grams per can for Schweppes Ginger Ale. Neither has caffeine.

The recipe has changed a bit over the years mostly in the choice of sweeteners. They use the same high fructose corn syrup that the cost-cutting mega soda companies use, rather than the cane sugar they used to use. The down side to that is that the corn syrup syrup drowns out some of the flavors. Many microbrews are using cane sugar again, although it costs more, to get a better taste. Vernor’s is still aged in oak barrels for 3 years, no doubt accounting for the smoothness. All in all a great soda for anytime. The soda is also known, like other ginger drinks, for its use as a home remedy for an upset stomach.
Vernor’s is a regional soda, and there are many areas of the country you can’t find it in. That is why it sells here. They may be selling it in glass bottles again soon, at least there is a page that says so the day I am writing this comment. Search at Amazon for ASIN: B001JK2SEG to see what I mean. Vernors has quite a history, and there are two books at Amazon about the soda. The first is Vernor’s Ginger Ale (Images of America: Michigan) ISBN-10: 0738551856. The second book is “The Vernor’s Story: From Gnomes to Now” ISBN-10: 0472066978 a book about the company’s marketing green and gold packaging with the famous gnome, and Vernor’s fans.

FilibertoCamp Lake, WI